Thursday, February 09, 2006


I HATE MY PERIOD. And I will tell you right now that I DO NOT want to hear any crap about it being a gift because it means I can have kids. I am, at 31, pretty positive I NEVER want to actually birth my own spawn. I sorta think it's kinda selfish without at least considering also adopting one of the millions of children who've been abandoned for whatever reason. But now I'm getting off topic.

I HATE MY PERIOD. I was fine for most of this morning. Within the last hour, though, I've had every negative emotion humanly possible rattling around in my brain. Hate, rage, anger, sadness, depression...I can go on but won't. I should mention that all that bad juju was directed at ME. FUCK! Like I don't have enough to put up with from the outside.

I HATE MY PERIOD. Did I tell you it's messy? Nobody likes to talk about it, but hell! Is it ever fucking messy to deal with. The worst for me is at night. I use ultra-super-jumbo maxi goodness with WINGS and WALLS and wear two panty liners people, and STILL cannot keep my damn period in that area. I have to sleep on my side to try and keep it in the desired space and often even that doesn't work. Finally fucking-ass tired of ruining sheets about two years ago, I resorted to sleeping on my old robe. On my side. With all that feminine padded protection. Do I need to say, really, that this sometimes still DOES NOT WORK?! And I'm not talking massive quantities here. Sometimes there will be just a little dribble. But If I've disrespected the menses goddesses somehow...well, it's gonna end up somewhere crazy. Like, no lie folks, THE MIDDLE OF MY BACK! Dammit!! I had to wash my shirt in the bathroom sink. Pure fucking ridiculous dick sucking shit!!! Thank God the robe is dark plaid so that the stains don't show well. Shit.

To top off my excellent day my negativity has led to my eating like a starved giant on his way to the gas chamber. Which means gaining weight. That means added bloat and assorted puffiness. This will all lead back to more depression/sadness which may lead to me ripping my lower woman bits out with my bare hands.

Who's with me?


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