Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Things To Do When You're Unemployed

Photo by HUBS, Charleston SC, July 2008

1) Look for work, don't find any, and then cry
2) Read a lot
3) Watch tv a lot
4) Watch a ton of movies
5) Go for photo walks
6) Write about being unemployed
7) Consider trying to publish what you wrote
8) Make plans and lists and enjoy crossing things off
9) Laundry
10) Clean the house
11) Go to the library
12) Cut pictures of things you can't afford out of magazines like you did when you were 20. Put the pictures on your magnet board
13) List what you're getting everyone for Christmas so you don't overspend
14) Commit to making some gifts to save $
15) Stare out the window and watch stray cats wander around the neighborhood. Smile when they look at you
16) Daydream
17) Exercise
18) Decorate for holidays
19) Window shop
20) Enter contests online and hope you win things
21) Dress up every now and then, so you feel like less of a bum
22) Laugh
23) Organize your digital photo files
24) Try selling things on ebay. When you realize the only person buying stuff there anymore is you, consider a yard sale
25) Stop buying cheap purses. They will not make you happy
26) Scan all your polaroids and 120 negatives. Go through the giant box of 35mm negatives and scan those too
27) Play with the cat
28) Maintain three blogs
29) Sleep
30) Clear your mind. You won't be able to sleep otherwise

Monday, December 01, 2008

And We Have...Snow!

Not this much, though.

This year has gone by riotously fast. I kind of can't believe how much I've done this year: quit my daily grind, became a sparsely employed freelance writer/photographer, got married, did the honeymoon thing, read a lot of books, watched a lot of soaps, turned 34, collected unemployment, ran up a massive credit card bill...

I could go on. For instance, did you know I accidentally (of course) walked in on my father-in-law while he was peeing about three weeks ago? You didn't? Well, now you know.

I've also lost all hope of finding a daily gig that'll keep me busy and happily creative. Actually, that happened about a month ago. I should call the temp agency for work, but I just can't. I should go to some of my favorite stores to see if they're hiring, but, again...I can't.

And that's a lie. I can. I simply don't want to.

But. I'll have to. The checks stop in three weeks, just in time for Christmas.

Wish me luck, you guys...


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