Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday! It's OK

As you can see from my posts this week, I've got a shit-ton of stuff planned for this year. Mostly I did pretty well integrating new things in. I worked away from home twice this week, sent a blog query to an entertainment website, dressed better in public and got some preliminary research done on some of my other goals.

I did fall behind today, though, but that's OK, especially since I know why. I've got three things left on the last to-do list I made for this week. One thing I just keep forgetting to do, one thing that will be time consuming and one thing that scares the crap out of me. I'm going to resolve, right now, to take care of the scary thing right away Monday morning. It's going right after peeing and feeding the cats so I can't keep putting it off. Besides, if I get it done early I won't have to think about this particular duty for another week, so that'll be handy.

Now, let's look around online and see what interesting stuff we can find.

1) I've got a new addiction that's making it hard to get work done. Actress/comedian Aisha Tyler has a geeky podcast called girl on guy that is filling my bunny. She talks to various entertainment types about being in the business, motivating yourself and other things a lot of folks (including me) really need to hear.

2) You all seem like smart, capable people. I'm sure you know that using crystal meth is a bad idea. These photos show just how bad an idea that is. It's just pictures of faces, but the destruction is stunning.

3) Many of us enjoy the occasional cocktail. Alie & Georgia are funny ladies who wear cute clothes and show you how to make fun drinks at home.

4) Ever wait in line for what feels like an hour or more only to realize it's been 10 minutes? Here's why the wait seems soooooo looooooonnngggg.

5) Already wavering on your resolutions? These tips might help you make them stick.

That's all for me this Friday. I'm going to think over my week, enjoy the Golden Globes for once and catch up on my reading. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

38 Professional Things For 2013

I'm getting better at getting things done that matter, you guys. It's exciting and scary for me. It means that I'm finally moving forward with things that are important to me. But, it also means I'm getting closer to having to do things that, while important, will scare the shit out of me.

I spent about a half hour today adding the monthly and weekly duties I've given myself to the calendar on my phone. It's all planned out. Did you hear that? My days have plans now. And that, in and of itself, freaks my shit out a bit. I'm just gonna keep on rollin', though. Here's my list of professional goals I worked on over the weekend. Let me know what you think!

38 Professional Things For 2013

1) Make $ writing
2) Try a podcast
3) Write a book proposal
4) Send it out
5) Enter writing contests
6) Make honest work of my ideas
7) Write at least 1 hour daily
8) License photos online
9) Enter photo contests
10) Put profiles on professional sites
11) Send at least 4 queries monthly
12) Get my photos in a gallery
13) Write to authors whose books I enjoy
14) Shop at least 1 screenplay to agents
15) Blog at least 3 times weekly
16) Comment on other blogs 1 day weekly
17) Add posts to Pinterest
18) Revisit Flickr
19) Network at least 1 time monthly
20) Dress better in public
21) Go to a reading, talk to the author
22) Make sure all profiles/resumes are up to date
23) Send photos to PopCandy
24) Photoblog 3 times weekly
25) Submit blog photos to photo challenges
26) Keep up with film/screenwriting business 1 time weekly
27) Look into cat colony
28) Volunteer 2 times monthly
29) Take a film class
30) Check pro email daily
31) Keep up with freelance business info 1 time weekly
32) Make consulting calls/emails for 3 businesses weekly
33) Apply for 3 part-time jobs weekly
34) Ask John August a question
35) Add photoblog/blog posts to Twitter
36) Add posts to Blogaholic
37) Find a mentor
38) Take a writing class

I know. This combined with the personal list is a lot of stuff. I need this, though; to dive in the deep end and stop waiting for life to find me.

Tell me, what are your professional goals this year?

Monday, January 07, 2013

Music Monday: That'll Do, Pig


I am on a roll, people! Friday I told you about my efforts to live a significantly more fulfilling life. I started this weekend by making my two lists, as I promised myself I would. It took some doing, but I think I've got the makings of some solid plans for this year. Here we go!

38 Life Things For 2013

1) See live roller derby
2) Visit a state fair
3) Visit a renaissance fest
4) Dress up and go out to a fancy restaurant
5) Leave some food on my plate at a restaurant
6) Jump on a trampoline
7) Get to know someone new
8) Dance at a club
9) Wear (p)leather that isn't on shoes or a purse
10) Eat alone at a nice restaurant
11) Cook 1 new dish a week
12) Read a book in one day
13) Photo walk twice a month
14) Try stilettos
15) Go to a Meetup
16) Take at least two road trips
17) Talk to random people when I run errands
18) Work away from home twice a week
19) See a pow-wow
20) See live music
21) Limit pre-5pm TV to two hours a day Mon-Fri
22) Practice reading faster
23) See a movie with PT
24) Spend 1 day monthly with nothing but music
25) Hang out on our deck
26) Make a souvenir collage and hang it
27) Take a class that's not online
28) Walk in Forest Park
29) Go to a music festival
30) Paint again
31) Learn a simple guitar song
32) Study Spanish again
33) Master winged eyeliner (or any eyeliner)
34) Ditch the "uniforms" and wear different clothes
35) Spend a work day writing
36) Dress up, go to a casino, blow $5
37) See a burlesque show
38) Watch a parade live

There! The idea with this list was to get me (and HUBS, too) out and about more. I'll keep you apprised of my progress (I worked away from home today and only watched two hours of TV!). Let's breathe a sigh of well-planned relief with some music!


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