Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy Friday! Making Decisions

I've decided something. But, first, let me tell a little story.

After leaving my birthday lunch with TC in 2010, I was walking to my car when a man who appeared to be homeless asked me for change. I was feeling pretty good in general, so I gave him a five dollar bill. It was all the cash I had on me and, honestly, we didn't have much in the bank that wasn't committed to bills or other must haves. I figured, though, that I was still likely much better off than him, so I gave the money freely.

As I drove home I thought about our overwhelming financial responsibilities and started to worry that I should have said no, but tried not to let the feeling take down my mood. I pulled up to the house before long and checked the mail. There was an envelope addressed to me from Quik Trip. I got in and opened it to reveal a $5 gas card. I had, in the span of half an hour, completely gotten back what I'd put into the world.

Even realizing as I do that karma, good will or whatever you'd like to call this generally takes a lot longer to circle its way back to us, it made me realize something.

I've spend the bulk of my life waiting for good things to happen to me.

And, I'm tired of it. Mostly because it doesn't work. If it did life would be too easy and none of us would ever get off our asses to create something new, helpful, interesting or exciting.

Also, I'm tired of it because a life spent waiting is a life wasted. I am living proof of that. When I've tried; when I've stopped the waiting and started doing in the face of hope, interesting things have happened to me. Things that made me happy and feel like I was living.

That's what I want more of: more living in my life.

Here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to make two lists this weekend. One with 38 personal things I want to accomplish and the other with 38 professional things I want to accomplish. I'll publish the lists next week.

Then, I'll get busy living.

There. I feel good about this. Let's look around online now and keep things from getting too serious!

1) "Inspiration is for amateurs-the rest of us just show up and get to work." Special thanks to Chuck Close for helping me make my decision.

2) It's still resolution time. Here are what some famous people wanted from their lives in new years gone by.

3) I'm a slow reader. I like to really feel the words in my mind and create the fullest picture possible in my mind's eye. I also want to read more, which would mean reading faster so that it doesn't take up all my time. Maybe this can help.

4) Looking to do even more stuff without leaving the comfort of your home? Mashable has a list of things you might not know you can do online.

5) Last, but not least, I introduce you to the puking robot. Ain't science interesting?


Maggie Owens said...

great post. I love it when we make that descision to make life better. It is so energizing.

Anonymous said...

I love it....I too want to do more living rather than wishing :)

Citygirl said...

Maggie: Energizing, yes. But if you're likely to hide away from the world with books, and movies...It's damned scary, too!

Thanks for visiting!

Becc: I think you're well on your way, hun!


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