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Ever since I got my first creative writing assignment when I was a wee lass of 7, I've loved to write. Turning words over in my mind to craft catchy phrases? Heaven. And yet, because I've been writing creatively for 30 years and professionally for six, I understand that the muse can be a tricky lady. Writing? She is hard!

Not everyone has the patience or talent for it, but I do. So, take a look below to see what RocketteCreative: Words can help you with. Shoot me an email at rockette74@yahoo.com to discuss my reasonable rates!

Corporate Writing

1) Marketing Materials
2) Corporate Video Scripts
3) Package Copy
4) Press Releases
5) Company Histories/Profiles
6) Customer Stories/Testimonials
7) Event/Display/Exhibit Materials
8) Taglines/Slogans
9) Mission/Vision/Value Statements
10) Editing/Proofreading
11) Questionnaires/Surveys
12) Internal Memos
13) Brand Name Brainstorming
14) FAQs
15) Bios
16) Newsletters
17) Web Copy/Editing

Everything Else

1) Instructions/Directions
2) Editing/Proofreading
3) Online Content
4) Real Estate Listings
5) Liner Notes
6) Devotionals
7) Greeting Cards
8) Person-to-Person Correspondence
9) Person-to-Business Correspondence
10) Words/Paragraphs
11) Radio Scripts
12) Menus
13) Guest Blogger
14) Trivia
15) Love Poems/Letters
16) Screenplay Consulting

You can find a link to my resume under the My Snazzy Resume heading in the right-hand column.


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