Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday: Doing A New Thing

Julia's not so sure...

Well, I finally did it. I finally joined the millions of tweeting twits on Twitter! Yay for new things, right? I have to say, I've only been on the site for about 24 hours, but I think I'm already getting addicted. Which is something I in no way thought would transpire. At all. Isn't it nice to surprise yourself?

Ok, so, as soon as I find my directions on how to add social media buttons to my blog, I'll add a twitter button over there in my sidebar. Oh, and also? I'm on Instagram now, too. Just look for rockygirl3 and the same photo as the one under About Me A Little. Now! To the internet!

1) All the creatives out there can benefit from A 5-Step Technique for Producing Ideas via Brain Pickings.

2) Exercising without sweating? Yes, please.

3) Can't get an invite to Pinterest but want to track your shopping obsessions? Try Currently Obsessed.

4) Any television fiend needs as many places to get spoilers and news as possible. TVLine is a great addition for you.

5) Ever wonder how A List actors spend their copious dough? This NY Mag report from late January breaks things down nicely.

There, my lovelies! It's gonna be a hot one this weekend, so stay inside, do some reading and enjoy the AC.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dammit Robin!

I know it's been a few days now since Robin Gibb lost his battle with cancer. If you haven't heard the glory that is How Deep is Your Love, you should play the above video right now. It's in my personal top 20 of favorite songs.

Now, can our music legends stop dying for a while...Please?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Bit Of Progress

You know what was nice about this weekend? What was nice about this weekend was that, for once, I didn't chicken out of a networking event. On Sunday night I went to a Girlfriend Circles meeting. There were two other women there and we had a good time talking about pets, parenting (even though none of us has kids), jobs and life in general. We even had to be kicked out of the cafe' where we met because we were still there a half hour after they'd closed.

It felt so freakin' good to talk to other women! In person! Even though we're basically strangers! We've already made plans to meetup again late next month. Isn't that cool? I might get some good friends out of this!

I think there was momentum left over from that meeting. I went to a screening for a movie I'm reviewing yesterday morning, and I talked to people! I even got a business card from one guy and sent him an email today.

EXPANSION and CONNECTION can be lovely things.


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