Thursday, May 18, 2006

To Do

1 write cover letters to all companies in area I'd want to work at
2 study spanish again
3 flesh out next screenplay idea
4 balance checkbook
5 shred pile of junk mail
6 shred old bills
7 set up budget
8 set calendar reminders for bill payment
9 read lectures for new class
10 post 'about me' stuff on new class message board
11 make shopping list for walmart
12 research script consulting idea (amount to charge, what to offer...)
13 install new fonts
14 type cafepress slogans in appropriate fonts
15 set items for sell
16 pick shots for photo book idea
17 recycle old magazines and catalogs
18 work on current script
19 update savings plan
20 dust
21 vaccuum
22 look into easy meat recipes for mom/mony
23 sign up for mystery shopping
24 send color photo to casting agency by next Wednesday
25 vist mom w/goods from Austin
26 call mom tonight
27 talk to boy about free film festival tomorrow and Rib America next weekend
28 try scheduling times for art, writing, exercise again
29 buy omega 3 pills
30 get 1700mah battery for lg vx6100
31 figure out less embarrassing cover story for not going to Vegas than turning out to not have the money for it
32 paint toenails
33 write to Lorna, Andrea, Karimah
34 find June, SaBarbara, Emily
35 update notepad folders

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I'm up to page 65 in my screenplay. I can really see the end in sight, people! This is exciting, but I'm starting to think I should be actively fleshing out other ideas so I can be ready to work on my next project. As much as I dislike my 9 to 5, it really kicks ass to be able to work on my script during the day. Not that they know this. They see typing and intense screen stares, and assume I'm doing their bidding. Mwaaaahhhhahahahahahaha!

I haven't written for a week now. I felt I deserved a break, which is just ridiculous. Now I can't think of what to do next, and I'm in the middle of a scene! Why didn't I type some quick notes before stopping suddenly? What the Hell is wrong with me? You know that maddening feeling when something is on the tip of your tongue? That's what the rest of this scene is doing to me. I stare at the last line...Can't remember. I reread the scene...Can't remember. Damn! How long am I going to have to stare at this?

Another problem arose the last time I actively worked on my screenplay. The writing was flowing well, and the ideas felt good, but I remember feeling vaguely...bored. With the whole process. How bad is this news? Does it mean that the stuff I think is so clever is actually drool/snore inducing? I'm considering having some old instructors look at it to see what they think, since I'm half-way through it. Even though the end is staring me in the face, I still kinda feel like it will never really be DONE done. Do you know what I mean? So complete that, at the very least, myself and those I trust will consider it a finished/polished work.

I've got a lot of loose ends to tie up. Update the resume, put together clips of my script reviews from past classes, post books to this site for sell, figure out my script service business, buy a ticket to Las Vegas for next month, scan polaroids and old photos and post to my photo site, figure out my shop thing (finally), look for more interesting work...The list just never ends.

Speaking of never ending, I ate lunch an hour early today and now the afternoon is DRAGGING FUCKING ON AND ON. Shit.


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