Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy Friday: Unseasonably Warm Temperatures Scare Me A Bit!

I don't know where you live, but in St. Louis right now? It's crazy outside. Today it's supposed to get up to 65 degrees! In January! In the Midwest! While I'm glad that (sadly) stray animals and (sadly) homeless people will have a nicely mild day outside, whenever it's this warm in what should be deep winter I start to think about tornadoes. We had so freakin' many of those last year, that I'd really like for that to not happen again.

I'm borrowing trouble by thinking about this, aren't I?

OK, then! On to some cool webby things for your weekend...

1) If you're looking to CONNECT more in the new year like me, Lifehacker might be able to help.

2) Entertainment Weekly rates SNL's best and worst sketches from 2011.

3) Wanna hear some new rock music that'll likely be completely ignored by traditional radio? Try Third Rock Radio.

4) There's nothing like a cute dog who appreciates a good tune.

5) Visit this fascinating peek at the lists of famous folk from decades past. Marilyn Monroe's is especially telling.

Ahhh...Now, get out and do some stuff! Have a great weekend, lovelies!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

13 Things You Should Know

StateLibQld 1 132733 Two women reading on a verandah at Ingham, ca. 1894-1903 Photo

Let's get something out of the way immediately: I do not have an extensive catalog of life experience. I've never back-packed around the world alone, dated more than one guy at a time, survived a drug overdose or defeated a criminal mastermind.

Even still, I do have an interesting collection of knowledge from my time on the planet thus far. Without further ado, here's some stuff I think everyone should know.

13 Things You Should Know

1) Lady bugs are bitches. Ever been bitten by one? I have, and that shit hurts like a mutha fucka.

2) It's completely possible to forget how to ride a bike. After a couple of years not riding my bike I figured I could just hop on and glide away again...I could not.

3) You can lose a fairly significant portion of your hair and still not appear bald. It's all about careful combing, people.

4) Eating yourself into a shame coma isn't pleasant, but sometimes it is necessary.

5) There's nothing wrong with a day spent in bed, even when the days on either side of that day are filled with similar levels of do-nothing-ness.

6) You never have to say yes, but every now and then you should.

7) Multi-cat households are not automatically run by crazy people who fart loudly in front of strangers and pee in the sink. Why are people with loads of dogs seen as gentle, kind hearted folk, while people with lots of cats are deemed ready for the nut house?

8) Speaking of farting in front of strangers, sometimes you just have to. Say nothing and move on.

9) TV is awesome, but so is turning it off when you're not actually watching anything.

10) You can have acne, dry skin, oily skin and baby wrinkles all at once. The aging process? Somewhat alarming.

11) There's nothing wrong with paying for your groceries with a pile of change. It is money, after all. Just be a dear and count it out for the cashier, mmmkay?

12) You're not truly special until you manage to get a rock inside your sock while walking and wearing knee-high boots. Happens to me all the time. I blame the Weird Vortex that surrounds me.

13) You can burp and hiccup at the same time. But, be prepared; it'll either be outrageously loud or outrageously painful.

There you have it! Now, what do you think we should know?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Tuesday Tipday: Christen Your Year...Again!


2011 was the first time I tried giving a year an overarching goal by christening it my year of EXPANSION.

Now, while I'll admit I didn't do much that folks would consider revolutionary, I did make steps. And steps are important. You don't get anywhere without them, even the tiny ones. So, for just a minute, I'd like to publicly congratulate myself for doing some stuff differently on occasion.

*pats self on back*
*laughs hysterically*
*does head*
*applauds wildly*

OK! That was fun! You should try it, too, because I know you must have done something new, different or scary last year. Maybe you tried a new food, or visited a new city or went to a movie by yourself for the first time ever. Go ahead, take a minute and celebrate your ability to leave your comfort zone.

*envisions everyone celebrating themselves and is happy*

There. See? It's nice, right? Alright, now let's talk about what 2012 is going to be about. Since I'm still at the infant stages of EXPANSION, I'm actually going to be so bold as to add a goal instead of substituting EXPANSION for another one.

What's my added goal for 2012? CONNECTION. I've talked here and there about the loneliness of writing from home and my need for more buddies. And now, I'm going to make it a priority to get out of the house and actually talk to some people. Holy shit, you guys. My heart started racing just writing that. I'm gonna write it again...


Egad! It's there for all the world to see! As with my efforts in EXPANSION, I'll tag each post with CONNECTION so you can follow my progress. This post will get a nice tag to that effect since HUBS and I went to an after church dinner meeting on Sunday. Turns out it wasn't quite what we expected, but we went. That was a big step for us loners!

So, how will you christen 2012?


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