Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pre-Wedding Prep

First off, let me just say that I know it's been eons since I posted on a regular basis. July really took it outta me. Even though we had a relatively simple, small wedding (we invited about 75 people) it was still a nerve-wracking process. I took it upon myself to get creative and actually make some stuff myself.

Like the invitations. I used postcards because the postage is still kinda cheap and just asked people to rsvp to my email or phone number. I got card stock which ended up being too thick for the stupid printer at Kinko's (I had to use their card stock, since I'd intended to use my own, though, they didn't charge me for it), flowered rubber stamps, ink pads in gold and purple, and played around with free fonts until I found a cool one. I think they turned out well.

I also made the programs myself. I used another free font that I found and even made a monogram myself. This wasn't as hard as it seems, but because I got angry every step of the way, it took longer. Getting the positioning of everything on the program right took quite a bit of time. I wanted it big enough so that our old relatives could read it and yet small enough to fit on one page. HUBS helped, and we finally got it to work. I forgot to have them printed early, so we had to run to Kinko's RIGHT BEFORE we left for the wedding. So, um, we were late...We meant to get to the hall at 11am and instead it was more like 11:20. We got there and pretty much everyone we invited was already there looking at us like we were crazy because we weren't ready yet. After all that, you know what? Hardly anybody took a program. I'm still pissed about that...

I made the flower girl "basket" myself. This was actually a cone made from card stock that I stamped with one of my invite stamps and ran a ribbon through for a handle. If you try this, use regular paper, the card stock is harder to cone-ify.

I also made simple bouquets for myself and my one attendant, my Lady of Honor (I don't like Matron of Honor, who can feel cool with that title?). That's her above with the flowers. Doesn't she look pretty? Since I was a total lazy-ass the day before the wedding, I had to run around right before closing to the stores I was planning to get my flowers from. I didn't even know what exactly I wanted, I just knew I wanted white and purple if possible. I tried Trader Joe's first, but they were closed when I got there. I drove like a maniac down the street to Whole Foods. I considered lots of different flowers, but most of them, though pretty, were very stem-y. Meaning, they'd take a lot of work to get in bouquet-carrying form. I was about to walk off with peonies or something when I spotted cheap ($5 a bunch), small, purple and white mini calla lilies. I got two purple bunches, one white and one where each flower had both colors and left a happy woman. I made the bouquets the following morning, that's right, a couple of hours before the wedding. I may be the best procrastinator in the UNIVERSE.

I had my regular hair lady perfect my do for the hitchin' day, but I was not about to get up at the crack of dawn. I went in the day before, around 6pm. I got out a lot later than I thought I would and this is why I was rushing around looking for flowers at 10pm that night. My mom got her hair done at basically the same time. Here we are in our rollers, which is comical mostly because we NEVER get our hair set in rollers. EVER. And, because we look silly.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize publicly to HUBS. See, I don't know if you remember, but around mid-June I decided to stop taking my depression meds. I had headaches and dizzy spells for about two weeks because of it and thought everything was ok then. But, around July 1 I began to experience the worst mood swings of my entire life. HUBS and I both think it was the last vestiges of me coming down off my meds. I would spend one day crying almost all day, and then the next day I'd be furious all day about everything. And we aren't talking regular anger, either. I would yell and scream and curse and throw things and hit things, I even hurt my hand so bad after an episode that I had to put a heat patch on it and it was sore for several days. This back and forth lasted right up until July 19, the day of the wedding. Then, I was fine. And, thank God, I've been fine since. So, HUBS, I'm sorry and thanks for listening to my rants, getting out of the way when I threw stuff and holding me when I cried. Jesus, I'm glad that's over.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wedded Bliss

So, I'm all hitched up, internet!

More details to follow, but for now, enjoy some lovely photos...

Two weeks before the wedding I did a makeup test. I did my own makeup, and since I almost never wear more than lip gloss I needed to get my head around powder/mascara/concealer/etc... It turned out pretty good.

These gifts were from FI-ance's boss. I loved the way they were wrapped and loved what was inside, dishwasher and microwave safe china!

I made this box for cards to use at the reception. I spray painted a shoebox gold, used a flower stamp with purple ink around the sides of the top and added chip board letters and fake purple mesh leaves. Look at citygirl! Gettin' all crafty and such!

We got some gifts prior to the wedding and after waiting a couple of days I just couldn't take not opening them anymore. Is it wrong that I love getting stuff? It is? I totally don't care.

You guessed it, this is us. By the way, it took some thinking but FI-ance is now HUBS. I tried calling him hubby, but it just sounded too precious and soccer mom-ish. HUBS is much better.


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