Friday, November 09, 2012

Happy Friday! Rest Is A Good Thing

Well, peeps, I'm wiped. I had a big project due Tuesday and it wore me out. I meant to take an hour nap today and ended up sleeping for three.

I'm also having car trouble. I can't get it to start without jumping it, and since the battery is new as of last month, the fear that something major is wrong with it is eating away at me a little. I don't know why...Yes, I do. Lila is the first car I ever bought and I own her outright. She's actually the only thing I fully own that's worth any kind of money. And, considering that she's 15 years old, that's not saying much.

Even though I've been without a car before (in college, for a year after college when neither my mom nor I had a vehicle), I already miss the freedom and being able to get up and go whenever I want.

Oh, well. Such is life, right? Now! Let's see what I found online this week.

1) Did you know that there's now an Oprah channel on Huff Post?

2) Speaking of Oprah, many would consider a love of Oprah related things un-manly. If you need to get your masculine groove back on, The Art Of Manliness is here for you.

3) And, what's more manly than facial hair? The American Mustache Institute has a handy guide to mustache styles. While you're at it? Check out Beard Team USA 2012. Those dudes are no joke...

4) Looking for a new job? Here are 9 things you shouldn't say on your resume, along with a body language guide to tell you if you're tanking the interview.

5) If you're still looking for a way to help Hurricane Sandy relief, Techlicious has a full list of options.

That's all for me, folks. I'll be catching up on your blogs this weekend. Enjoy!


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