Wednesday, December 05, 2012

5 Music Acts That I'm Shocked Have Lasted This Long

Let's be honest here, no matter how good a singer or musician you are, there is not a lot of room on the Top 40 for new music. Sure, it helps to be good looking, but since almost everyone who deigns to shoot for longevity in the music industry is hotter than shit, that will not set you apart. Neither will dressing like a freak (anymore) or actually knowing how to sing.

Here are acts that have managed to bottle the longevity lighting, much to my (basically pleasant) surprise.

5 Music Acts That I'm Shocked Have Lasted This Long

1) Pink. I like Pink, really. But, come on, did you expect a chick whose whole persona hinged on her hair color to still be charting hits 12 years after she debuted? I sure as hell didn't.

2) Foo Fighters. I fucking love Foo Fighters! When I listened to them in my dorm room in 1995 I had no idea that they'd still be kicking it almost 20 years later. Amazing. Especially if you consider the fact that they may not have existed (at least not at this level) were it not for Kurt Cobain's unfortunate depression.

3) Green Day. Their first recording came out in 1990. I had just started high school. People! That's an assload of time passed for a punk band, even one that managed not to self-destruct within a couple of years! They've released 15 albums and done a Broadway musical based on their music. All that, and it wasn't until this year that one of them had a public freak-out. Good on you Green Day. Good. On. You.

4) Weezer. Look at that video. They're the comedians of rock, for God's sake! And yet, they've managed to stick around since 1994. God bless 'em.

5) Rihanna. She come out in 2005 looking like a Caribbean Beyonce' clone but quickly went in a very different direction and managed to carve out a constant space at the top of the charts for herself. Seven years on top isn't an eon or anything, but I still find it surprising considering how much competition there is. You go, RiRi.

Whose musical career is still going strong, much to your surprise?

Monday, December 03, 2012

Music Monday: Thanks!

We miss you Skyler, but this is better for you.

As part of my on going struggle with depression, anxiety and cynicism, I'm going to take some time at the end of each month to think about all the things that made life a bit easier for four weeks. Gratitude as an idea is overused, (and sounds too hoity-toity to me, anyway) so I'm just calling this my Thanks! list.

November, Thanks!

1) Thanks to the nice old white man at The Original Pancake House who tapped me on the shoulder before he left and said, "You sure can wear a hat!" a day before my birthday.

2) Thanks to the Humane Society for having room to take in little Skyler kitten so we could get him off the street.

3) Thanks to nature for easing us into winter with stupid mild days that feel a lot more like Spring.

4) Thanks to my aging body for forcing me to bed early, but not so early that I have to be done with dinner by 6 p.m.

5) Thanks to Walmart's Equate Anti-Itch Plus for cleaning up my acne-ridden face and neck like a true beauty champion.

6) Thanks to the giant owls who've invaded our neighborhood for keeping the hooting to a minimum and (hopefully) not snatching up any kitty cats for dinner.

There! That feel good to say. Now, ready to get down?

What made you happy in November?


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