Screenplay Consulting

Have a Screenplay You Need an Opinion On?

If you're giving your screenplay to friends and family to read, but feel they're hesitant to tell you what they really think, look no further! I'm a UCLA trained script consultant who'll offer an honest, concise appraisal on the story you've been laboring over.

Here's what $100 will get you:
- A list of what I think you're doing right and why
- A list of what I think needs more work and why
- A list of ways to work on your script's iffy areas
- A contract, signed by both of us, that outlines what I'll do for you, what to expect and confirms confidentiality of your work
- Follow up consultation, if you desire, for only $60

I have a background in journalism and five years experience as a film critic for, in addition to my UCLA training. Don't let this opportunity for gentle and constructive criticism pass you by before submitting to that contest, agent or committing your idea to film on your own dime!

Here are testimonials from on my services:
Excellent notes. In depth. Clearly thought out. A dozen great points that will directly make my story stronger. Exactly what I was hoping for. - Brooks Elms

Thanks for your time, it's great to get a detailed review. I'll recheck timing. Thanks for catching all the minor details, I know they ARE important to get right! Thanks again! - Ed Love

Great Job Adrienne.... very helpful and I know that the nit picks are important! Thanks for the AWESOME job! Will definitely use again! Your comments are very pointed and helpful. I have three more scripts I'm working on, and you are a Godsend! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! Great feedback. - W. Mark Dendy

All payments made via Paypal.


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