Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Monday: Dammit, I Like A Taylor Swift Song!

Dear Taylor Swift,

No. You are NOT ALLOWED to do this. I mean, really. Is it fair that you have every White girl/woman under the age of 35 gripped in the throes of your music and still you want more? NO. This is not OK, Swifty.

But, I'll give you this one song. I will publicly admit that you made a song so damn catchy and, from what I can tell, different from your other stuff, that I was captivated by it and in no way even considered that it COULD be you. This, of course, means I WAS FOOLED BY TAYLOR SWIFT. Damn you, Taylor!

While I am slightly horrified by the fact that I like this song, I'm not going to call it a guilty pleasure, because I don't believe in feeling bad about anything I like that doesn't hurt anyone else. And I suppose I can cop to the fact that liking one of your songs doesn't make me, like, a MONSTER or anything.

Well, at least I'm setting myself apart from 100% of self-employed, mid-western, 38-year-old Black ladies with natural hair who pay no attention to you at all. Bright sides, right?


I'm Just Embarrassed Enough To Not Sign My Name

Thank God that's over...


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