Friday, October 05, 2007

Exhilaration Fear Joy Dread Apologies

You know that high you get from shopping? Man, I've had that in full force for the past week.

Last Friday I was stressed. Work has been almost unbearable for the past month (more on that in a future post) and I hadn't done any serious shopping in quite a while. So, I was on a break last Friday afternoon...ok, technically I was answering the phone for the receptionist while she took her break, but I kinda felt that nagging retail-therapy frenzy start to build in my tummy. So, I used her computer to buy cheap jewelry from Forever 21. I spent thirty bucks on crap I didn't need and it felt really fucking good.

Oh, but I didn't stop there! I left my radically depressing job and headed straight for my local Old Navy and dove into their sale racks. I found a tan pea coat jacket for $16 and bought a shit load of blouses and tee shirts. My huge bag of loot totaled a little over $80. I had to put it on my (supposedly emergency only) credit card. But dammit it made me happy.

I swear, internet, I thought I was done. Then, I changed purses over last weekend. I was excited to carry this new turquoise-y blue bag I'd gotten in the spring but hadn't used yet. Unfortunately, by today I'd realized it sucked donkey-butt. It's too short and squat. I went on ebay during an unofficial work break this morning looking for a similarly colored Marc Jacobs knockoff I've been eyeing for a few months.

Well, lo and behold. I type in "blue" in the handbag search and found a gorgeous bag from a seller I'd never seen before. I put it on my watch list. I decide to peruse their site. OMG!!! Look at that red bag! It's all suede-y and lizard-y and I can fit my camera and other crap in it. Watching it. Wait, look at this purple one...

I'm a beast of consumerism. I got all caught up in the "buy it now" craze and bought THREE purses this morning. Grand total? $137.47. That's the most I've ever spent in one shopping spree not attached to an Ikea or involving furniture. I immediately began to think of ways to set my karma straight, especially considering that my mom's birthday is tomorrow and I HAVE YET TO BUY HER GIFT. I've thought of at least three other purses I can give away to make up for my insanity today.

There's a ton of other stuff I want to buy: house stuff, camera stuff, jewelry, books, music, magazines, dvds...But I can now safely say that the frenzy, she is gone.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Best News of the Week

You know how sometimes the phone rings and it sounds frantic? We had a ring like that last night. FI-ance's cell rang, then my cell rang. It was the ring I'd set up for his parents, all flowery and classical. With his grandmother in a nursing home he figured he better call them back, and as soon as he picked up his phone the frantic ringing started again.

None of that is the good news. The good, amazing, shocking, wonderfully relieving news is that his parents HAVE DECIDED TO HELP US PAY FOR THE WEDDING!!!!

I think we're both still kinda in shock. We've been officially engaged since May and assumed by now that they weren't going to offer. A few months back FI-ance got pissy about them not offering, actually. Once I diffused his (in my opinion unnecessary) displeasure, we both forgot about it. We set a budget of $2,000 and I set to reading everything bridal ever created in the entire universe.

According to his mom they've been considering making the offer for a while, especially since they "try to keep it even between children" with their financial backing. Apparently they are contributing to the college fund of FI-ance's niece and felt they should do something for us too.

Internet? Can you believe how much stress this relieves for us? Knowing that, if there's something we really want for our wedding day that's a bit beyond our means, we can lean on his folks for financial support? We are floored and grateful.

Also, FI-ance's mom was excited that this meant she wouldn't have to think of what to get us for Christmas. Way to multi-task Mama FI-ance!

Monday, October 01, 2007


I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend. Mine actually didn't make me want to kill people.

Friday was cool. I got my big work project done, my Godmommy called me and FI-ance sent me flowers. The Godmommy was in town to see family and because we were supposed to go wedding dress shopping. I had just sent her an email saying I wasn't ready when she called. Apparently Godmommies are smart like regular mommies because she realized awhile ago that I wasn't prepared for the dress thing without me even telling her.

I had told FI-ance about two months ago that he was going to have to start sending me flowers at work. I gave him a list of the types of flowers I liked and even emailed some visual aids to him. Many good occasions for flower giving have come and gone since then and I swear, guys, I thought I was gonna have to beat some flowers outta the boy. Then, right before I went to lunch on Friday I got a buzz from our receptionist, LC. A surprise delivery always makes me happy, but this made me squeal. FI-ance did really good; he gifted me with gerbera daises in three shades of pink!

Fridays have officially regained their coolness.

Saturday was basically good. We took Tux to the vet to get his rabies vaccine. This was after taking him two weeks earlier and not being able to get it done because Tux bit the holy-ever-loving-shit out of FI-ance while we were there. The vet found out and had to file some kind a rabies report and Tux had to be quarantined in our house. Yay! We got that done, had lunch at amazing local pizza place Fortel's (I'd never been before; definitely check them out if you're ever in St. Louis) and then started to get ready for my friend JS's wedding.

That's where things got a bit tricky. FI-ance and I almost always have to use the bathroom at the same time since we usually eat together. The problem is that we only have one bathroom of any kind in the house. Due to my stomach issues this year and his stomach issues this past week...well, we both had to do the same thing, but his urge hit a few minutes before mine. Thus, I was left pacing and sweating throughout the house.

I was trying to figure out how to sit in our mostly empty trash can when I heard him flush. Oh Sweet Glorious Jesus, thank you!! I rushed in before FI-ance had gotten to washing his hands and he was horrified. "Hang on...I just...haven't...oh God..." "Just don't look!" I pulled the shower curtain around me so he could pretend it wasn't happening. Worked for me, but I think FI-ance has been permanently scarred...

We now had about 20 minutes to get ready for the wedding. This was no longer going to work. I had to make the hard decision to skip the wedding and only head to the reception so that we'd both have time to get scrubbed and polished and ready for public viewing.

My stupid stomach started acting up at the reception and we left full of fried chicken and cake by 9pm.

Sunday was a sneezy, sleepy day. The weather was great and I was able to return to the basement and do a few loads of laundry. We ate leftover Fortel's, watched season 1 of Veronica Mars, Sunday night Fox cartoons and had a late dinner of Taco Bell. It was so great to stay the fuck at home for once on a weekend day.

Can't wait to do it again this weekend.


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