Thursday, October 04, 2007

Best News of the Week

You know how sometimes the phone rings and it sounds frantic? We had a ring like that last night. FI-ance's cell rang, then my cell rang. It was the ring I'd set up for his parents, all flowery and classical. With his grandmother in a nursing home he figured he better call them back, and as soon as he picked up his phone the frantic ringing started again.

None of that is the good news. The good, amazing, shocking, wonderfully relieving news is that his parents HAVE DECIDED TO HELP US PAY FOR THE WEDDING!!!!

I think we're both still kinda in shock. We've been officially engaged since May and assumed by now that they weren't going to offer. A few months back FI-ance got pissy about them not offering, actually. Once I diffused his (in my opinion unnecessary) displeasure, we both forgot about it. We set a budget of $2,000 and I set to reading everything bridal ever created in the entire universe.

According to his mom they've been considering making the offer for a while, especially since they "try to keep it even between children" with their financial backing. Apparently they are contributing to the college fund of FI-ance's niece and felt they should do something for us too.

Internet? Can you believe how much stress this relieves for us? Knowing that, if there's something we really want for our wedding day that's a bit beyond our means, we can lean on his folks for financial support? We are floored and grateful.

Also, FI-ance's mom was excited that this meant she wouldn't have to think of what to get us for Christmas. Way to multi-task Mama FI-ance!


SoMuchSugar said...

Oh that is so sweet of them!! What a load off your back. Congratulations!! Here's to multi-tasking-mommas. (Don't read too many bridal mags; you'll fry your brain! hahaha just kidding. ENJOY yourself!!) Have a great weekend-- xoxoxo

citygirl said...

Thanks SMS. Actually, I've gotten the new Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings and InStyle Weddings and I just can't concentrate on any of them. I think I may need a bridal mag break.

Enjoy that new condo this weekend!


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