Monday, January 22, 2007

I. Am A Child

I just had to ask my mom for $500. I feel horrible.

We were prepared for about half of the expense, then we found all this little house crap that needed to be added to what we're having this handyman/carpenter/electrician dude do for us. Because I'm an idiot who's spent her last check on pants (because she's grown out of 6 pairs) and meals out (because she hasn't felt like cooking or saying no her FI-ance) we don't have enough left to pay him and pay my last rent at the old place and the internet man. All this stuff is happening before I get paid again. The FI-ance is paying my rent, the internet guy and an assortment of bills from his old place; leaving not much for our handyman.

I cannot remember the last time I asked my mom for money. It was literally several years ago, probably the last time I moved in 2000. I know for a fact she paid for that. This feels way worse though, because now there's two of us footing the bill for stuff.

But, she's my mom. She said yes and told me to stop by after work today. And considering all the things she's helped me with in the past I know she won't hold it over me or even expect to be repaid. Which will make repaying her (this time, for real) so sweet.

I did sense a certain trepidation in her voice. I think she believes we (ok, me specifically) weren't ready for this living together thing. God, we cannot fall on our faces.


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