Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some Good News

Remember last Saturday when I found out my hair was falling out? Well, the day wasn't all bad...Just mostly bad.

The first good thing? My hair stylist, who I'd never met before, thought I was 17. Seventeen, internet. That was amazing and made me giggle quite a bit.

Most importantly, though, I did go to my mom's place and try my dress on. It looks good. But since it's champagne I don't think my beloved purple hair clip will work with it. My mom zipped me into it but was afraid to zip it all the way. I think I might have a bit too much back fat for it. My mom suggested some all-over Spanx, which means officially everyone in the world must know about those things. I'm really against the whole restrictive clothing idea, but I broke down and bought one anyway.

By the way, the best thing that happened on Saturday was my mom giving me loads of straight up cash. I mean, more actual money than I've ever seen in my life. Since she's preoccupied with my grandmother and doesn't have much time for wedding shopping/planning she gave FI-ance and I some money to help out. We were able to finally get a photographer because of the windfall. Yay, Mommy!

I was also able to do something I haven't been able to do since I quit my job - go shopping and buy ANYTHING I wanted to. I got some wedding stuff: the Spanx, gold shoes, pens for the guest book, paper for my homemade invites and programs, shimmery nude nail polish, Laura Mercier lip gloss ($22, Holy God!!). But I also got some completely frivolous stuff. A couple of Michael Kors purses on ebay, two pairs of Lane Bryant jeans and some panties, Forever 21 jewelry, a Sephora shopping spree. The best part about this is that I spent around sixty bucks or less at each place. See? Even when I have dinero aplenty I still shop smart.


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