About Me A Lot

Your Citygirl is Adrienne Jones, a life-long creative with a love of alliteration, entertainment, food, photography, travel, fashion, a good coupon and pretty much any cat ever.

I've been known to vacation with three or four different cameras and a purse the size of overnight luggage. Oh, well. I also have a penchant for six-movie marathons, homemade popcorn, list-making, coffee-drinking, book-reading and excessive winter-time bundling. And, thank God for words, because I write to live and live to write.

This blog is a lifestyle journal that combines my personal experiences with tips to make all our lives fun, more interesting and easier. It was founded on the premise that almost nothing we like, dislike or do makes us any weirder than anyone else.

My goal is to entertain, educate and help you get your groove on. Now, my lovelies, let's party!


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