Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Year I Will: 2011 Edition

Shakes relaxes with his body threaded through our TV antenna. Cats have such simple goals, don't they?

Yesterday you saw what I got done in 2010, now let's take a look at what I want to do in 2011. I tried to narrow the list down to things I could actually fully accomplish this year.

For instance, at first I put down 'publish a book', but that's not something that's really totally dependent on me (if I were trying to get it published through traditional means, anyway). So, I amended it to 'writing book proposals and sending them out', which is a goal I can complete this year, even if said books don't get published until 2013.

Well, then, off we go...

This Year I Will: 2011

1) Write another screenplay and enter it into at least one contest
2) Promote my blogs
3) Sell photos through at least one online agency
4) Write proposals for my book ideas and send them out
5) Create a workable budget
6) Travel more
7) Network
8) Grow my freelance career
9) Add 1,000 steps to my daily walking, to equal 6,000/day
10) Use pen tablet weekly
11) Try more new things
12) Watch less TV and do less meaningless internet roaming
13) Call PT more
14) Make the money to buy a car within two years
15) Promote past freelance work online
16) Figure out a way to organize our home library area and get more storage in this house
17) Keep track of family birthdays better and connect with family more
18) Work on becoming more sexual

There! I think that's it for me.

What do you plan to do in 2011?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last Year I Did: 2010 Edition

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was talking about how I wanted to EXPAND my life this year? I started off by making a list of all the things I'd accomplished last year, to inspire me to get even more done in 2011.

Well, here's my list of big things done in 2010. It's not half bad at all.

Last Year I...

1) Came up with three book ideas
2) Got out of debt
3) Found a really good pedometer and started walking more
4) Began dressing better
5) Updated citygirl
6) Started weekly savings account
7) Fed us creatively when we had no money
8) Went back to reading self-help books for inspiration
9) Took up reading more books in general
10) Kept off 10 pounds
11) Realized I was getting older and started sleeping more and taking more extensive care of my teeth
12) Engaged in much creative brain-storming while working
13) "Finished" my first screenplay and entered it into a contest
14) Tried eating dessert only every other day. Succeeded.
15) Got a bra fitting and returned to the world of underwire over-the-shoulder-bolder-holders

Tomorrow I'll let you know what I plan to get done this year.

What did you get done in 2010? Have you christened 2011 yet?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Monday! Teenybopper All Grown Up

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Saturday was good and sad and also a bit fun. We went to my cousin's funeral that morning, which, of course, was sad. But then we went to the repast, and as in the past this was basically a family reunion-style party with good food and lots of family I'd either never seen before or see rarely. That was fun and good.

What wasn't fun was my cry-headache. I always get brain pain after crying, but this turned into a serious threat level RED brain beater that almost made me vomit from discomfort. I needed an Advil and four full hours of sleep to tamp it down.

I was so pleased to feel like a normal person after my nap that I made HUBS go shopping for office supplies/household essentials when I woke up. We took a break in the middle for dinner at IHOP. We did a lot of talking and good eating - two more things that are always fun.

So, now that I'm getting back to Music Monday thanks to Youtube, I hope you like this song from one of my favorite still-active late '90s teen sensations, Robyn. You probably remember her '98 hit Show Me Love:

It's always good when young stars don't implode, isn't it?


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