Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday! Finally Royal Free

I swear I don't have anything against William and...What's her name? Kate? I really do hope they're happy and all that jazz. But, my God! Every entertainment and news show has been taken over by this royal wedding stuff. They're finally married now, so, you know, I'd kinda like to get back to our usual actual fluffy, entertainmenty stories.

We need to hear more about how Two and a Half Men can go on without the crazy that is Sheen.

I need someone to talk to The Rock on camera about playing Charlie Pride in a country music biopic. (He doesn't look anything like the man!)

Come on, entertainment shows! Let us be embarrassed for M. Night Shyamalan and Keanu Reeves en masse.

Give us spoilers on finales of all our favorite TV shows.

We need to hear about the crotch tattoos, stage parent quotes and see the fake penises and drunk Paula Deen pics.

Phew! I'm glad I got that off my chest! Since those two are finally wedded up, can things get back to America-has-no-royals normal, please?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Guess What They Say Is True

I've been reorganizing our bookshelves for about a month now, trying to get us down to three in an effort to reduce the amount of crap in our former sitting area. Today while I was cleaning off a long-neglected shelf I came upon some headshots I took in '99 while I was trying to be an actor.

Long story short? I was hot! But, of course, at the time I had no idea I looked even remotely presentable. I doubt I was even wearing makeup (except for lipstick), 'cause I didn't really futz with the stuff back then. The old adage is right, we don't know what we've got 'til it's gone. (Not that I'm some hideous troll woman now. I just mean that it would be nice to have that thin face - and body - again. Ya know?)

What do you wish you had appreciated about yourself when you were younger?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Monday! Dreary Day Cure

Man alive! It's been raining almost non-stop since Friday. Friday, people. When we had some pretty serious tornadoes rip through St. Louis and surrounding areas, including the airport. Amazingly, no one was killed or very badly hurt. I guess it really was a Good Friday in some ways.

I've had quite the productive day. I finally hooked my scanner back up after getting a new power cord from Canon, and was more than pleased to find it working again. I cannot tell you how glad I am to not have to shell out for a new scanner, especially since it's obvious that my laptop is on its last legs.

Also, I got some legwork done so I can start my interviews back up this week, cleared some contest stuff off my desk, did some preliminary homework on a possible vacation, took a long-ass nap, figured out something quick to make for dinner and even exercised for 20 minutes. Yay, getting shit done!

Hope you all had a gloriously restful, family filled Easter.


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