Saturday, April 03, 2010

There's a Discovery

I've taken off work 4 of 5 days this week and you know what? I fucking loved it.

I wanted to finally get started on some big things I've got planned for myself, and the best way to do that was to pretend we don't need my fifty buck a day job for this week.

I already have no idea what I did with my Tuesday.

Wednesday was relatively un-productive. I listed some long-neglected items on ebay, took a three hour nap and then cried to HUBS and my mom about how things just are not the way I want them to be and how often I feel like I'll never have the life I really want (if I even really know what that is).

Thursday rocked ass. Making major headway on my list helped me feel like good things were possible. Even though, I found out this week that my only two paid writing jobs have dried up because both websites are "restructuring." I'm trying hard not to freak out about losing $450 in monthly income.

And then there was Friday. HUBS took the day off for Good Friday, we slept late, ate leftovers for lunch, watched soaps, played around online, got him an eye exam, shopped at Super WalMart and had our usual Festival of Trying Different Things after grocery shopping.

During my freak out on Wednesday I realized something. I hate waking up in the morning when I know I'm going to work. This is the same thing that happened at my last job. What I realized is that I don't want to not wake up just because of how I make my living. Also, I don't want to spend all day at work the way I've been spending it: wishing the day were over. One day my days will be over and that will be all. I don't want spend all my time wishing time would speed the fuck up. I want to be able to enjoy most of my day, even if I'm at work. I'm tired of work standing in the way of my life.

Well, this week was nice. Happy Easter, all! Here's hoping you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Prettiest fungus ever.

I've been working pretty steadily for about 6 weeks now. Time at work=money for us. But it also seems to equal something else.

In those past 6 weeks I've gotten more rashes, zits that won't go away and funguses than ever before. You already knew I worked in a filthy warehouse, now my body knows it too.

I itch more than ever before and in strange places. Thigh and neck areas that don't even touch the filth. (Although, we worked with fiberglass a couple of weeks ago and I did manage to get some in my neck. Yay.) Also? Every skin issue I've ever had has re-occurred recently. That means that all at one fucking time I've been subjected to athletes foot, jock itch (Yes! So feminine and sexy!), and a yeast infection. And, I'm pretty sure the mole on my neck that's been the same small size for five years is actually growing.

I am now a living petri dish of awesome.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ways To Free Myself From This Drudgery

A ray of light...From my brain.

During one of my breaks at work last week, on a particularly blah day, I wrote down all my ideas for getting out of my job and keeping future work experiences like this to an absolute minimum.

1) Send my book mock up to possible publishers. (I started writing a book last month. I haven't written much in the past couple of weeks, though. I hit a block and feel like I need to get a mock up together to recharge me. Plus, having that would help attract publishers...I hope.)

2) Funeral photography. (I know how this sounds, but I've photographed so many funerals in the past year that it's occurred to me there may actually be a market for this kind of, admittedly weird, service. An ad on Craigslist may be the thing to get this started.)

3) Screenplay ideas. (Ok, I've got a mostly finished screenplay that I've been working on since I took a beginning class in 2004. I'm truly embarrassed by how long it's taking me to just finish the thing. Although, I did enter it into a fairly high profile contest two years ago, and I was really proud of myself for that. Anyway, I've got about four other ideas floating around in my head that I'm committed to finally writing down and making notes on. So there, subconscious fear of failure/success.)

4) Script consulting. (I still mean to hang out a shingle for this. I took film classes in 2005 and 2006 where one of the things I studied was how to critique a screenplay. Getting my next idea up and running will help me get this one started.)

5) Movie review blog. (In 2006 I started writing film reviews for a website. I still do it, but it's never paid any money. I want it to start paying money. Period.)

6) More web writing. (I've got a few ideas for pieces that'll work for additional websites and the ones I already write for.)

I've taken the day off work today since yesterday was icky and irritating and I needed to get some things done. I fully plan to get to work on real things today, not just read blogs, nap and watch soaps all day.

So, here we go...


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