Friday, November 02, 2012

Happy Friday! Oh, The Languor...

Ever since HUBS went back to work I've gotten a schedule down that I'll need to break soon. I wake up, exercise (good), make breakfast (great) and then spend the day watching movies (not so great). It's such a routine now, that if I try not watching movies, I feel antsy.

I know. This is avoidance. I have lots of things I need to get to work on. After six weeks of taking care of HUBS, I'm behind on a lot of stuff. But, for some reason, losing myself and my cares in film after film feels...Better.

On the upside, I have seen some good movies (Mancora, Adrift, Undertow, Brokeback Mountain, Leaving, In A Day, A French Gigolo...All available on Netflix instant, by the way.) The downside, of course, is that I'm in the house neglecting real world responsibilities.

Monday, Lordy, I swear, Monday I'm doing better. Now, shall we look around online?

1) I know Halloween is over, but did you realize that there are several penis-themed costumes?

2) I've been carrying one of these safety keychains on my morning walks around my (tad sketchy) neighborhood. Ladies, you can be safe and stylish!

3) How did these happen? How!?

4) Did you know that there are giant Polaroid cameras that anyone can pay to use?

5) If you like historical movies, Lincoln will be a good bet when it comes out next weekend. HUBS and I saw a pre-screening last week and were pretty impressed.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Sunday Dinner: Multi Use Steak

Fall is prime comfort food time. Everything warm and gooey is good to eat when the weather gets chilly.

Last week I made steak. It's so easy to cook things exactly the same way, but a tiny bit of effort will usually get you something you want to eat again and again that's also different enough to keep you interested.

My easy-way steak includes a simple salt and peppering, maybe some onions and a good stint in the oven. But, I found an easy recipe in Real Simple that I was able to turn into something that I think was even better.

Multi Use Steak

1 steak
pineapple juice
low sodium soy sauce
salt & pepper
1 medium onion, sliced
1 green pepper, sliced
1 pound or more baby carrots, halved lengthwise
about a 1/4 cup butter or margarine
about a 1/4 cup whole wheat or regular flour
rice or pasta

Salt and pepper your steak and marinate it in equal parts soy sauce and pineapple juice, enough to at least cover the sides of the steak. Marinate for at least two hours, turning over half way through.

Bake, with juices, covered with foil on 350 degrees until done. For my medium sized steak it took 40 minutes.

Drain juices into sauce pan, add butter and heat on medium until melted. Stir in flour until you get a thick gravy. Cover and take off heat.

This can be eaten by itself with mashed potatoes, but you can get more creative. I sliced onion and green pepper and sauteed them with a bit of cooking spray until they began to caramalize. While that was cooking I roasted some baby carrots with olive oil, salt and pepper. Slice the steak thinly, add it to the skillet and you can pour this, with the gravy and carrots over cooked rice or pasta.

Or, (and this is how my husband ate it) you can add cheese sauce to the pepper/onion/steak mixture, put it on some hearty bread and have cheese steak sandwiches.

See? One steak easily gives us three different meal options. Not bad, huh?

What foods do you cook and reuse in different ways for multiple meals?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

8 Things I Love That No One Needs Anymore

Maybe I'm old-fashioned or being naive, but some stuff just used to be better, funner or easier without much technological advancement. Here's my list of things I kind of miss, even if I don't still use them myself.

8 Things I Love That No One Needs Anymore

1) Tap Water: When did tap water become not-good-enough for people? I mean, sure, if you're someplace where the water tastes nasty or is nasty, pop open a bottle of distilled Alpine water that's been blessed by Buddhist monks. Otherwise, get a filter and drink the stuff from the faucet. Don't you know that there are millions of people around the world who would kill to have drinkable water flowing through their homes?! Use it, dammit!

2) CDs & DVDs: We're all about the digitally downloaded mp3, PDF, etc. now, and I admit that I rarely buy music anymore. But, I do love a hard copy with liner notes, lists or lyrics. It's a wonder anything ever gets made with all the people who have to be involved, and I like seeing who helped make my favorite stuff possible.

3) VCRs: I know, seriously old school. And if more than two things you wanted to see played simultaneously, you were screwed. But! It was so easy to use. I still have one even though it's been abandoned to the basement. I suppose this is me being nostalgic for my childhood, when VCRs were still new technology. Ours kept a lonely kid happy on my many uneventful nights. And for that, I love it still.

4) Books: I need books. It's that simple. Not a Kindle or Nook or whatthefuckever. BOOKS. I like the way they smell and feel and how words look on the page. I like how books sound when you thump them. Unlike the items in #2, I still buy books. Way too often, in fact. Sure, they take up a lot of space, but no one can accidentally delete them from your life if they're sitting on your shelf.

5) Cameras: I majored in photojournalism in college. Yet, of the 400 photos I've taken in the past three months, only about 12 of those have been with a stand alone camera. Even though I own six working cameras, I used my smartphone for every other shot. Oh, I still lust over fancy pants equipment. I'd just prefer to carry as little extra weight as possible when I don't need to have my real gear on me.

6) Film: Before smartphone photography took the world by storm, there was the digital camera revolution. Remember the thrill of knowing that every shot was a good one? Well, I say perfection can be boring. Why do you think all the photo apps on your phone have settings that mimic fucked up film shots? It's fun! Not quite knowing what you're going to get is exciting, and excitement is something most of us need more of.

7) Laptops: Yes, a tablet would be easier to carry. I'm already freed of heavy camera weight, though, so I've got poundage to spare for my portable friend. My newest model is named Siobhan and she's 16 months old. I'm serious. Stop laughing! I like to name stuff!

8) Pen & paper: I frequently write posts out longhand. Sometimes all the clickaty-clack and staring at a screen makes me feel disconnected from what I'm writing. Besides, if the world goes all Revolution on us, we are going to need to know how to write with our hands, people!

What do you love that people don't need anymore?


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