Friday, September 19, 2008


Oddly enough, even though I don't go to work anymore I still really love the weekend, or the idea of the weekend. Mostly I think it's because HUBS is home and we can watch movies and chill and surf the internet together (separate computers).

I also hate weekends a little bit, too. Every Sunday I have to finish applying for jobs for the week so I can send in my report to the unemployment people and get my check for the coming week. I almost always end up crying when I search job boards because it takes forever to find something decent to apply to. Here's how the paranoia goes: I don't find any jobs worth applying to, I have to lie about the number of jobs to the unemployment office, they exercise their right to have me show proof that I sent out a certain number of resumes and find out I lied and send me to prison.

Have a great weekend everyone. Pray for me...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long Time Gone

I know. Before yesterday's post it'd been over a month since I posted anything. Honestly I'm feeling a little boring right now, not to mention stressed.

See, the wedding fervor (as reletively minor as it was) is over and so is the honeymoon. I'm even over longing to be back on vacation. Now there's only one thing on my plate again...job searching. It's boring and scary and I feel lonely and useless quite often. How fun would it be to read about that everyday? Right, well imagine actually feeling it and writing about it all the time.

I've been out of work for a full 9 months. I've had 2 interviews that went nowhere and gotten not-even-part-time work as a freelance writer/photographer for a website. Sending my resume's to friends and asking for leads didn't help. Signing up for numerous networking sites hasn't helped.

Money is really tight, and when I say tight I mean HUBS and I have roughly $400 leftover every month for non-bills. It has to take care of groceries, gas in the cars, perscriptions, doc visits, personal grooming products, etc. Not to mention all the little household extras that pop up. Like the tree that was uprooted in our backyard because of the remnants of Ike (see the above tree that used to stand up straight). The cost to remove said tree before it crushes our fence and neighbor's dog house (maybe with dog in it)? Around $500. This money is also know as things-we-put-on-credit-card-because-we've-used-all-our-savings-and-this-is-kinda-urgent. We've used a lot of that kind of money and the bills are now outrageously high.

Any ideas? From anyone? How the fuck do I get a decent paying job that won't bore me to tears? For me that means something where I can write creatively or take pictures or help with marketing or pr. What the shit am I doing wrong?

Again with the Phelps

So, just when HUBS and I were finally getting over our Olympic-based Phelps Fatigue (HUBS' phrase), the boy had to go and host the season premiere of SNL. I fully admit that I couldn't commit to watching it. I'd surf over to my local NBC station, sit for a few seconds and then start flipping channels again. It's not like I have anything against the guy, I just got tired of ALL THE PHELPS LOVE ALL THE TIME. Like other folks weren't winning gold medals.

Back to SNL. Did Lil' Wayne's second song make anyone else feel like they were going to have a seizure? How about a stroke? Actually, now that I see him in that photo I realize that that's enough to cause me to seize out.


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