Friday, September 19, 2008


Oddly enough, even though I don't go to work anymore I still really love the weekend, or the idea of the weekend. Mostly I think it's because HUBS is home and we can watch movies and chill and surf the internet together (separate computers).

I also hate weekends a little bit, too. Every Sunday I have to finish applying for jobs for the week so I can send in my report to the unemployment people and get my check for the coming week. I almost always end up crying when I search job boards because it takes forever to find something decent to apply to. Here's how the paranoia goes: I don't find any jobs worth applying to, I have to lie about the number of jobs to the unemployment office, they exercise their right to have me show proof that I sent out a certain number of resumes and find out I lied and send me to prison.

Have a great weekend everyone. Pray for me...

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