Monday, September 22, 2008

Apparently...It's Monday

My weekend wasn't the suckiest possible ever, but it wasn't as eventful as I'd wanted either.

In my new effort to have HUBS and I start doing stuff with our free time instead of just sitting at home on the computer or putzing around the house, I wanted us to go to the Forest Park Ballon Glow and Race on Friday and Saturday. Follow the link...see! Doesn't that look cool! I had never been to the race and hadn't been to the glow in about 10 years. I thought with my new fangled camera I could really get some great shots.

First, though, we went to a rally for the school district HUBS works for. This may sound horrible, but the only reason we went was the free food. I know, you guys, we have no school spirit at all. But, the food was from one of our favorite Mexican places, Qdoba, and we haven't been there since our wedding night date back on July 19. So really, can you blame us?

What comes next is the story of how I'm a pussy who gets angry a lot and shoots herself in the foot, because the traffic to get into the park? The worst I've ever seen. I went the easiest way to get there, and it took us about 20 minutes just to get off the highway because of traffic. Then, when we finally got to the street we needed there was a SOLID line of cars in front of us in all three lanes.

I became enraged (something that's become quite common during my unemployment). When the light turned green you couldn't even move, there were so many cars in front of us. I considered using one of the dozen or so other park entrances but punked out, turned around, and brought us home. HUBS made french fries and we watched a couple of Netflix selections. I was upset with myself for not doing what I set out to do just because of all the assholes trying to do the same thing (who, really, weren't assholes), but I had fries so I was better.

Needless to say, we also did not go to the race on Saturday. I got tired thinking about the traffic and so HUBS and I took a nap instead. I woke up about three hours later, exercised (yay, me), called my mom and made HUBS help me clean up the kitchen so I could cook blueberry pancakes and eggs for dinner. We ate while having a Buffy-athon.

Sunday was all about his folks coming to visit. We looked at wedding pictures, they gave us some food from their garden, and went out to eat. They usually pay for all of us when we go to dinner, but didn't this time. Luckily for us, they also brought along a $25 check someone had sent them for us so we actually had money to pay for our meal. Because, you know, the $1.79 that was in our account wouldn't have cut it.

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