Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things I Want That I Can't Buy Yet

A new winter coat. This one (from Jessica London) is actually a lighter into-winter kind of jacket, but look how cute it is! It's only available in a bright green now, since it's on clearance for about $34. Yeah, no shit!

I really want some less wide legged jeans. I've got two pairs from Lane Bryant (like this pair) but they are super long and wide leggy. Not the best thing to pair with all my billowy, trying-to-hide-my-gut tops. This pair, by the by, is like $70. There is no way in hell I'd spend that much on a pair of JEANS!

I've been seeing feather headbands all over the place the past couple of months, but they usually cost upwards of $35. I've been stalking this one (and it's Blue Almond shade twin) since May on Urban Outfitters. It's under 20 bucks, which is much more reasonable, but I still want it to be cheaper. The UO fuckers refuse to put them on sale! And I really want two! Come on guys, $10 per feather head thingie seems fair...right?

Um, this is from IKEA and I WANT IT REALLY REALLY BAD. I mean, look at the color! Holy shitballs, it's adorable! And I don't just want this 'cause it's seriously cute, either. One of the issues with our small house is the lack of storage space. There are only THREE CLOSETS in the whole place, and one of those (the coat closet) isn't even deep enough for HANGERS. That's right, y'all, everything hanging in there has to be tilted to one side for it to fit. Unbelievably irritating. Also, we have a ton of blankets, pillows, towels and other sundry items that are either sitting out right now or crammed into unacceptable places. I need some order, people! Though, I have to say, at over 300 big ones this might not be enough bang for our bucks considering how much crap we need room for.

Flowers...ummmmm. Right now I have some mini calla lilies slowly dying in our living room. I've had them for almost a month, so considering that they are holding up rather well. I wish I could buy fresh flowers every couple of weeks. Enough for the living room and our bedroom. This shot is from a recent Domino magazine.

Speaking of magazines? I'm an absolute magazine whore. I haven't been able to renew my Essence subscription, my Lucky is about to run out and I wanted to start one for BUST. The Lucky is only $12 so I can swing that one, but both the others are 18 bucks! Who do they think they are? At least I can get Essence at the library, but not BUST. One of my favorite things to do is rip pretty pictures out of magazines, but with our current financial state, I've been trying to resale them on ebay, so, no rippy-ripperson for me.

I've also wanted to renew my flickr pro account, get a photo book made of our wedding and honeymoon pics and sign up for lynda to get some software training. No go so far.

And, people? I cannot express how badly I want to buy random makeup and beauty products. Do you know how hard it is to not make impulse purchases? Even cheap, under $10 ones? How hard it is to know that $4 here and 6 bucks there could mean not making HUBS' car payment on time (like this month)?

We've also decided to hold off on some household improvements. Like staining and waterproofing the deck this year. And getting a new toilet seat. (The finish is coming off of ours. Has that ever happened to anyone? Because I, for one, have never lived in a place where this occurred. How fucking cheap must our toilet seat be?!)

What do you guys want that you can't actually buy yet?


SoMuchSugar said...

Oh my god, all I want are things I cannot buy, isn't that bad... and then I buy things I shouldn't, like you said, lipsticks & items that cut-into that pesky mortgage payment!!

Ugh. How to stop myself??

citygirl said...

I have no advice on how to stop, especially since I just broke down and bought two L'oreal HIP eye shadows. You know what, I don't even feel bad, because I had a coupon AND they were buy one get one FREE.

Look how savvy I am. Yeah man...


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