Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Do Not Like...

Yard work. I was forced to try pulling up weeds/vines yesterday as HUBS did his usual mowing and weed-eating. We started way too late, but I went out there anyway. It was hot and sweat was running into my eyes. Also great about working in our yard? The snakes. That's right, people, I came up against two of them yesterday and managed to remove one of them but missed the other. Ick...

I was doing this because our Orkin man said the best hope of getting rid of the snakes (specifically, stopping them from coming into the house anymore) would be to clear all the brush from the perimeter of the yard and the basement windows. About three weeks ago we got supposedly super tough brush and poison ivy killer and I spent about an hour spraying all around the outskirts of our yard. Guess what? Most of the crap didn't come close to dying. Yay! I love blowing $18 on bullshit that doesn't even work!

Since we only had about a half hour of light left I didn't get much done. All the pulling and yanking has made my shoulders sore. I was barely able to finish one spot near the worst basement window - it was completely covered with vines. When it got too dark and I was tired of sweating I went inside to shower in disgust.

I really don't understand why we need nature this close to our homes.

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Lovely Lady Luxe said...

Say what? First of all, Snakes?..INSIDE the house? Oh, hell to the no! The snakes can have the house! I'd be gone! LOL!


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