Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Friday! Party Time!

I have a good feeling about this weekend. Why? Well, I've gotten a good amount of stuff done this week, so I don't feel like I waisted my time. We have a bit of fun money to work with, and...And? My birthday is on Monday and we'll actually be able to celebrate a bit!

In three days I'll be two years away from 40, people. I'd be lying if I said the idea of that isn't fucking with my mind, but I'm trying. Trying to do better and move ahead so that 10 years from now I don't find myself dreading 50. I want to look forward to each year. Who doesn't?

Enough seriousness! Here's what I found online this week.

1) If any of you writers are doing NaNoWriMo, Galley Cat and Writer's Digest have a host of tips for you.

2) Most of us can use a self-esteem boost from time to time. Here are 50 ways to upgrade yours.

3) Want to eat better? Dr. Oz likes all these foods, and this is a list of foods that aren't as bad as we thought.

4) I can't stop talking about mustaches!

5) Last, but not least, this video-filled list of cats freaking out should send you off with a good laugh.

That's all for me folks. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Tipday: How To Cook Like You Mean It


Preparing meals at home can save you some serious money. I happen to enjoy cooking; trying new recipes and making new dishes out of whatever I have on hand. If you're sort of useless in the kitchen, but want to get the hang of something other than boiling water, you're in luck. Here's how to give good food.

How To Cook Like You Mean It

1) Begin at the beginning. If you only eat at home by opening a box of this or a can of that, you need to get a handle on some basics first. You can get a fancy how-to-cook book from the library and stress out over reading it. But, I think it would be better to watch others cook more than anything else. Find yourself a cooking show you can get into and tune in as often as possible.

2) Start slow. Some of the easiest ways to get comfortable with cooking is to get started with something super simple. Like sandwiches. If all you ever do is slap baloney on bread with mustard, try adding fancy lettuce, a new type of bread or another flavor of mustard. Getting something easy right will give the the courage to try even more new things.

3) Know what you like. One of the keys to creating a good meal is knowing what flavors go together. Whenever you eat out, take your desire to try new foods along and experiment with different flavors, textures and things you haven't had before. It can also be helpful to eat old favorites in new ways, as well. If you think McDonald's has the best burger, go out and try a burger at Red Robin. If you don't already have a handle on it, start a list of all the foods/flavors you like and add to it whenever you find something new.

4) Get those toes wet. Now that you know some stuff the only thing left to do is start cooking. As soon as your favorite chef makes something you like the thought of, that is also easy to prepare, take note. If you're nervous to jump right into making a full blown meal, that's OK. Instead of making the whole dish, try acing part of it: pasta sauce, gravy, grilled fish, cheese sauce...You can always refrigerate or freeze that bit of the dish until you feel ready to tackle the rest.

5) Jump on in. Hey, you mastered that pasta sauce, didn't you? Watch that episode as many times as needed and go ahead and figure out the rest of the meal. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need a bunch of fancy tools to cook a good meal. You can also substitute some ingredients for others to get the same type of flavor. A quick Google of "what can I use instead of (insert ingredient here)" should take you to other options. And don't be afraid of short cuts. I never buy heavy cream, for instance, instead I use a can of milk and everything turns out fine.

6) Experiment some more. Once you get that first dish down, keep trying. Now might be a good time to get a cookbook that focuses on your favorite type of food and to add to your cooking show watching. Also, take the list of foods/flavors and use it to help you spruce up simple things or create your own things. Found out you like caramelized onions? Find a recipe and add them to that boxed mac 'n' cheese you plan to make.

As someone who makes up dishes a lot I can tell you that you'll get a great meal 95% of the time if you mix ingredients that you enjoy. (Within reason, of course. Chocolate and ketchup on anything would probably be a disaster, you know.) The other 5% of the time, you'll get a good meal. And there's nothing wrong with that!

7) Make your debut. An official dinner party isn't necessary, but letting someone else eat your creations is. To really get comfortable with cooking you'll need some feedback to see what's working or could use some work. Who knows? The person you cook for might be able to help broaden your horizons even more.

8) Keep on truckin'. The first time I tried brown rice I hated it. Hated it so much, in fact, that it took me over 10 years to try the stuff again. But, when I did? I loved it! Now I can't live without it in the cabinet. The message here is to keep trying. Maybe you won't get the appeal of kale the first time you use it. Look for a recipe that has a lot of other things you do like in it and give it another shot. If you still aren't hot on it after that, it's fine to let it go.

I know that's sort of a long list, but it's not that hard to fix a satisfying meal from scratch if you give it a bit of effort. Good luck!

How do you add special touches to simple foods?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Music Monday! Get It Done!

Well, it's about time! I am finally off my ass and doing things, people. I made three necessary phone calls today, did four loads of laundry and have made a significant dent in the 1,000+ emails I let build up over the past four weeks. Plus, I did yoga and managed to drink only one cappuccino. Progress!

I hope your week is off to a good start. Now, let's get to some music so you can round your day out with some fun...


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