Monday, February 05, 2007

My Current List of Problems

-Being bored at work
-Sick of getting up and going to work everyday but still needing the paycheck
-Having a dining room full of bags and boxes and no idea where to put them
-Owning an excessive amount of books, towels and silverware even though I've given several away
-Staying at home way too much
-1 unfinished screenplay that I wanted to enter into 2 contests by the end of February
-No savings and a huge list of things I need and want
-Being tired all the time, and therefore not doing other things that will make my life better (cooking instead of eating fast food, exercising instead of napping, organizing the house, working on creative ideas, going out at night like a normal relatively young person...)
-No comfort with socializing
-Having trouble keeping in contact with my few non-work friends
-Feeling really busy yet knowing I don't actually do anything
-Seemingly being completely non-orgasmic and thereby becoming less and less interested in sex

I took care of two of these issues this weekend. The lack of energy thing has plagued me for months now, so I finally decided to give up my Flintstones Chewables and try a more mature vitamin. I picked that all day energy One-A-Day kind. I didn't feel anything on Saturday when I had my first dose (I had to cut the pill in half, btw. Why do vitamins have to be so fuckin' HUGE?), but I got a major burst of something Sunday night at 11pm. I started cleaning the dining room and got rid of 6 boxes and 5 bags of our combined crap, put together a bookcase and filled it and two other cases with books. I went to bed at 3am. You know I'm almost dead now, right? I mean, I can feel my eyes trying to go to sleep without my permission as I type. I'm trying so hard to keep busy at work today so things go by quickly and I can get home by 5pm to take a nap before heading out to review my first film (Music and Lyrics) in almost two months.



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