Saturday, April 12, 2008


I went to get my hair done today and guess what? My hair is falling out! Yay! Because life doesn't suck enough now I'm flirting with my own version of male pattern baldness! I swear, could I have had a better Saturday? No...No I do not think so.

For the past two months or so I had noticed that it seemed like a lot of hair was coming out when I combed it. But I thought, maybe, it was just because I hadn't had a relaxer put in since January. Then, around this Thursday, I remember clearly saying to myself, "Self, I think my hair is falling out," not really thinking it was ACTUALLY FACTUALLY TRUE.

My stylist showed me the damage today. There is a semi-circle of semi-baldness filled with stubble on top of my head. She told me to get to a dermatologist right away, and said it could be stress from job-searching. She also made grand (and thankfully successful) efforts to hide my scalp under my new hairdo. And, to make all this even better, now I have to go to the doctor WITHOUT ANY INSURANCE so that I don't end up cue-balling it for my wedding in a couple months.

God Dammit People. What the fuck else is going to fall apart here?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Because Weddings Are Funner Than Job Searches

A big piece of this wedding puzzle has been solved, internet! I bought my wedding dress! From! In their plus sizes section! It was only 200 bucks! And my wonderful Godmommy is sending me a check for it!

Because I am girly, but wedding-indifferent, I have not tried it on yet. I've had it, still in its unopened box, for over a week. Does that make me weird?

At any rate. My plan is to go get my hair done tomorrow, then head to my mom's house to try it on and discuss accessory options. Also, my mom called last weekend and said she had something for me and something else entirely for me and FI-ance. I think this means money, although I'm not sure what she could be giving me alone. This should be interesting.

As I've said before my mom is terminally stressed. She works at a job where she is on her feet all day and then goes home to take care of my grandmother. Because of my g-mom's so-so, up-and-down health mom rarely leaves home to do anything but grocery shop. This is important because she will need something cool to wear to the wedding, and I really, really wanted her to wear the suit pictured above. I showed it to her ages ago, but since she couldn't make up her mind and wasn't sure and thought oh, maybe, now, NOW internet, it's not being sold anymore. We will have to get her out of the house and into a mall dressing room. Several of them, probably. It will doubtlessly turn out to be somewhat stressful since my lovely mom can almost never make up her mind.

I'm thinking now about how I'll do my hair and makeup for the wedding. I want it all to be pretty and simple since I'm doing it myself. I figure I'd get my hair did the day before in some wavy/curly style and then just do some combing and fluffing the next day. As far as makeup, I just really want to not look like a big greaseball for the wedding. I've been scouring wedding sites for ideas and they've only been marginally helpful. Martha Stewart and InStyle Weddings have been around for at least 10 years each and they only had a handful of ideas on their sites. Bitches...

I am especially in love with the 2nd pair of gold flats above and the feathered hair pin. I haven't gotten the shoes ($98! For flats! Fuck!) but I ran out last weekend and got that pin. Originally I didn't want any hair adornment since I plan on some fancy earrings (something like the ones pictured) but I saw it and got all giddy and heart-fluttery and knew it had to be mine.

Now all me and FI-ance need are a photographer, his attaire for the day and, yeah, someone to actually marry us!


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