Saturday, April 12, 2008


I went to get my hair done today and guess what? My hair is falling out! Yay! Because life doesn't suck enough now I'm flirting with my own version of male pattern baldness! I swear, could I have had a better Saturday? No...No I do not think so.

For the past two months or so I had noticed that it seemed like a lot of hair was coming out when I combed it. But I thought, maybe, it was just because I hadn't had a relaxer put in since January. Then, around this Thursday, I remember clearly saying to myself, "Self, I think my hair is falling out," not really thinking it was ACTUALLY FACTUALLY TRUE.

My stylist showed me the damage today. There is a semi-circle of semi-baldness filled with stubble on top of my head. She told me to get to a dermatologist right away, and said it could be stress from job-searching. She also made grand (and thankfully successful) efforts to hide my scalp under my new hairdo. And, to make all this even better, now I have to go to the doctor WITHOUT ANY INSURANCE so that I don't end up cue-balling it for my wedding in a couple months.

God Dammit People. What the fuck else is going to fall apart here?


SoMuchSugar said...

THANK you so much for your notes! Made my day to see them on the few-seconds I was able to check e-mail on my trip. Thank you.

DO NOT WORRY. It seems like that is a common thing for stress from what the dr says? You are young, and they have tons of more advanced medicine for hair now; you can catch it early and get it lushed-back-up in no time.

I am so sorry though, that must be so hard and weird. I am sure no one sees it with your hair over it. Try not to focus on it too much in your mind, others won't even see it. TAKE CARE --xoxoxo

miss tracey nolan said...

Seriously. WTF? You've got some good luck coming up, that's for sure!

citygirl said...

Yes, seriously. But I went to the hair doctor yesterday and he started me on amino acid pills and a cream that I rub on my baldness every night. Hopefully this will take care of it.

Of course, none of this is making me worry more AT ALL.

Thanks for writing, guys!

miss tracey nolan said...

"Hair Doctor". Oh my.

citygirl said...

I know. Holy shit, right?


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