Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday: Teensy Revelations


Let's get to the gritty of the nitty, folks. Even though I've been able to keep my purchasing of magazines to an absolute minimum, thanks to my ability to land free subscriptions - I still have way too many monthlies in my house.

How do I know this? Well, as HUBS and I were tidying up today for our second appraisal visit so we can refinance our mortgage (not our fault...don't ask), I really had to take stock of the number of magazine I have lying around. Now, I haven't tipped over into hoarder territory, but the figures aren't great.

I've got 38 magazines hanging around that I've read and a whopping 104 that I haven't even looked at, some from three or more years ago. I know. I. Know!

To my credit, though, they are all contained by my three magazine racks and the basket in the bathroom that was supposed to be for toilet paper (don't judge, you know it's a good place to read). So, it's not like we're eating our dinner off old Entertainment Weekly's or using stacks of Lucky and Ebony as our couch. But...still. It's too much.

One reason I've got so many finished magazines around is that I cannot let interesting tidbits/products/pop culture stuff slip through my fingers. I always fold pages down or rip them out so I can look things up or file them away in the generous amount of binders bought expressly for the purpose of saving magazine pages. So, until I go through all of them and pick them clean of new stuff, I feel I can't throw them out.

Well, it's getting done over the next week. I've heard that having too much clutter around can sort of clutter your mind. Maybe this is a tiny part of what's bugging me? Hmmm...OK, on to the internet.

1) This interesting website puts the 'net to work for you.

2) If you haven't checked out the Comedy Central Stand-Up site, you're missing out. Any time you need a pick-me-up you can find video clips of your favorite comedians right here.

3) And, I might be super late coming to this info, but you can even create audio channels based on your comedian of choice on Pandora. Yes!

4) If you would like to blend the awesome powers of Ikea and comedy, then Ikea Heights is for you.

5) Addicted to Pinterest? Addicted to good quotes? Pin A Quote!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Voice: Questions

... But I'm sure they got it from NBC.

1) Why do the judges insist on making their best singers team up? Sure, it leads to great performances like last week's Jessie Campbell vs. Anthony Evans, but then they end up having to get rid of one of their best singers. I say, pair your best up with the only O.K. voices so you get to weed them out and make your team even stronger. Duh.

2) Why is Adam Levine dressing like someone's deranged great-grandpa? Is he trying to convince us that he's not a smug bastard?


3) Why does Blake only choose the singers who are mentored by his wife, Miranda Lambert? Last week he chose RaeLynn (the singer he actually said reminded him of a young version of his wife) even though she did not come through during her battle song at all. He chose Miranda's coachee this week as well. Is this really the precedent you want to set, Blake? Because your team will end up suffering and you will not win!


4) Is anyone else having trouble listening to Christina in her current outfit of choice? I try, but then I get distracted by alternating eye-fulls of boobie-liciousness and that insane UFO fascinator she's rockin'. She has got to change next week!

5) When will Cee Lo announce that he and Purrfect the Cat are actually married and have two litters of bald kittens? I suppose this interview may have to stand as proof enough.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Nice Thought

Amen, sister! Though, I must say, it seems easier to revel in your imperfection when people can look at some version of you and your life where no imperfection appears to exist.

Does that make sense to everyone, or just me?


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