Friday, May 16, 2008


So, I never told you guys, but back in March Fi-ance and I had an incident. I got in the bed early one night while FI-ance was still in the office checking stuff out online. I stayed in bed a while, but couldn't sleep. I got up and went into the office and yelled, jokingly, "You lookin' at porn?" FI-ance got all flustered: "What, no. What?" I laughed, got on my computer for a bit and them went to bed again and finally slept.

The next night, we were both heading to sleep at the same time. We started talking and, I don't remember how it came up, but FI-ance revealed that he actually was looking at porn the night before. Now, let's understand something. I'm not a prude or unrealistic. We have in the past talked openly about his computer porn stash. Hell, I've even looked at it with him. And I've certainly seen my share of dirty pics on my own.

To find out that suddenly FI-ance was lying about his porn usage really hurt my feelings. Also? It immediately brought to mind a slippery-slope situation wherein FI-ance begins to lie about things that don't matter and then things that do. Frankly it kinda freaked me out that my boy, who is forthcoming in some many things (loving porn, past girlfriends, embarrassing situations, particularly rough times in the bathroom) would lie about something we've talked about so frequently. I was so hurt it actually made me cry, internet, which FI-ance won't know until he reads this.

I told him my issues with the lying. He apologized profusely and promised to never do it again. FI-ance also bought me flowers a couple days later as a continued apology, which is why the above picture is titled Because He Was A Dick.

Update: FI-ance saw the picture on my photoblog and protested the title. I suppose the title He Did a Dicky Thing would be more appropriate.

Aw Yeah, Baby!

Thank the sweet Lord. After taking two days off because I just couldn't deal, I'm almost done with my website gig. Many of the last places I was assigned turned out to be closed for business, so instead of having 20 I'm down to about 13. Yea for the short life span of restaurants!!

Also on tap for this weekend: Ordering the wedding cake. The bakery has a bug up its ass about having us trek to their original location to sign the papers. It's at least a half hour away in a part of town that confuses and frustrates me because I'm not used to it. I'm going to try to get them to fax the contract to the location that's RIGHT DOWN THE DAMN STREET FROM US so FI-ance and I don't have to deal with that irritating drive again (we had to do it for the cake tasting a couple months ago).

As a side note, do you see the hair on the person in the picture? That's about the state of my coif right now because I'm completely afraid to touch it unless I'm putting my bald juice on. I'm due to get another relaxer in about a week and I really, really, really hope I don't end up more bald from it. Holy crap, you guys, it's a little bit scary.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh My God, Y'all!

I am exhausted. A few weeks ago I landed a part-time gig writing restaurant profiles and taking photos for a new website associated with a local news station. My deadline is this Sunday and I still have a ton to do. Why? I don't know...Maybe...MY OUTRAGEOUS LEVEL OF PROCRATINATION? This job requires lots of driving around, talking on the phone and dealing with strangers. None of which I am particularly thrilled about. And entering the info in the site's database? Unfortunately a lot like the crap I did at my previous full-time job. But, I AM FINALLY GETTING PAID TO WRITE AND TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS. How unreal is that? As much as I love that fact I still manage to complain all the way home. I've got like 15 or 20 places left to do (yeah, by Sunday night) and after working about five stressful hours yesterday, I am taking today off.

The best part of the job is that I could end up writing features for the website. When the producer first contacted me I gave him about ten story ideas. Internet, pray for me! I would really fucking like for this to lead to feature writing, AKA more money!!

Having some actual responsibilities for the past few weeks has been really strange. I've had to wake up at a decent hour, make tons of phone calls, put on non-pajama clothes and go places. I have found myself seriously missing lolling about searching for jobs online and, basically, not really doing anything. I spend so much time staring at my computer now that I've been neglecting my blog writing/reading. All I want to do after editing photos, writing profiles and entering database info is to stare into a tv or fashion magazine filled space. I haven't been on Facebook or LinkedIn and I had to skip a girls night get-together two Fridays ago.

But, I'm actually making some of my own money again. And for the first time in my life I'm getting that money as a writer and photographer. I'm tired, but basically pretty happy.


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