Thursday, September 29, 2011

Angry Like A Black Woman

In case you aren't up to speed, men all over the world are goofy just like the one you've got at home! See the Taiwanese woman up there? She found that out at a baseball game the other night when her husband dropped the shit out of their daughter in his effort to catch a fowl ball.

The look? Classic Black Lady Anger. The fallout? I bet he's never been beaten harder.

Pay attention to the middle left side of the video:

Yup. He tossed her ass aside like a rag doll. Thank God she was alright, otherwise that woman would have given her baby to a stranger so she could kill her husband right in the stands. Lordy, men! What's wrong with you people?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tipday: Birthdays, Finally Good For Something!


I've been indulging in freebies for months now via several websites and eclubs, but a post on one of my favorite freebie blogs has put my modest efforts to shame.

Hey, It's Free! shows a pretty comprehensive list of companies that hand out free stuff to eclub participants on their birthday (not to mention, throughout the year). I just spent about a half hour scanning the list and signing up for things. It's a good idea to get yourself an email address just for this type of thing, so you don't gunk up your professional email with coupons. Just remember to check it regularly!

My favorite offers so far? Look no further than Steak 'n' Shake, Red Robin and Noodles.

Isn't getting to eat good food for free lovely?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Monday: Oooh! The Day!

Ok, I feel a bit better now!

Lovelies! How was your weekend? Mine sorta sucked ass, since I was sick on Saturday and then exhausted all through Sunday night. I was absolutely no good.

That's translated to my, not bad, but rather blah day today. I got a late start on the article I needed to turn in, then downloaded some desktop publishing software to try creating a cool, graphic resume and failed miserably. I don't have my good coffee at home and am craving this and this, even though I had lunch and have yet had dinner.

Screw it. I'm gonna eat what I want, watch reruns of The King of Queens and Big Bang Theory, and watch some classic videos on Youtube.



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