Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long Time Gone

I know. Before yesterday's post it'd been over a month since I posted anything. Honestly I'm feeling a little boring right now, not to mention stressed.

See, the wedding fervor (as reletively minor as it was) is over and so is the honeymoon. I'm even over longing to be back on vacation. Now there's only one thing on my plate again...job searching. It's boring and scary and I feel lonely and useless quite often. How fun would it be to read about that everyday? Right, well imagine actually feeling it and writing about it all the time.

I've been out of work for a full 9 months. I've had 2 interviews that went nowhere and gotten not-even-part-time work as a freelance writer/photographer for a website. Sending my resume's to friends and asking for leads didn't help. Signing up for numerous networking sites hasn't helped.

Money is really tight, and when I say tight I mean HUBS and I have roughly $400 leftover every month for non-bills. It has to take care of groceries, gas in the cars, perscriptions, doc visits, personal grooming products, etc. Not to mention all the little household extras that pop up. Like the tree that was uprooted in our backyard because of the remnants of Ike (see the above tree that used to stand up straight). The cost to remove said tree before it crushes our fence and neighbor's dog house (maybe with dog in it)? Around $500. This money is also know as things-we-put-on-credit-card-because-we've-used-all-our-savings-and-this-is-kinda-urgent. We've used a lot of that kind of money and the bills are now outrageously high.

Any ideas? From anyone? How the fuck do I get a decent paying job that won't bore me to tears? For me that means something where I can write creatively or take pictures or help with marketing or pr. What the shit am I doing wrong?


stljoie said...

Very few people get to earn a living doing what they like....that's why they call it work. I do not get any personal satifaction from my job until payday and I am grateful to have that check

citygirl said...

I get that that's how it usually goes, I'm just sick of it. Why should Oprah and Lil Wayne and Tina Fey get to do what they love but not me?

There's got to be a fucking way!

SoMuchSugar said...

Oh shite, I know that feeling, it is so depressing, it is hard not to feel hopeless, looking every day to no avail -- but try not to go down that path... Don't worry about writing about it here, complain all you want and get it out, it will help!

I know you are trying so hard to look around... Is there a newspaper out where you live, or like an arts-&-entertainment guide/paper in your local area? I'm sure you've already tried those.. Many of them usually hire writers for their websites separately too. (And all of them have marketing dpts.) often hires local writers to help with their little blurbs & reviews...

(I know that wouldn't be full-time probably, but would help with the bills & get some contacts...)

Keep updating on your craigslist and those headhunter sites, even though it is a pain... Because something is BOUND to change, someone will contact you soon, I know it. Take care & chin up pretty lady.

(Still getting over seizure from l.w. photo below...)

citygirl said...

I really do feel like I've tried everything. But, thanks for the tip about citysearch, I sent them my resume.

I do have one more idea that makes me nervous. I meant to act on it last week but lost my balls. I want to get it done this week, so send encouraging thoughts my way.


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