Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wedded Bliss

So, I'm all hitched up, internet!

More details to follow, but for now, enjoy some lovely photos...

Two weeks before the wedding I did a makeup test. I did my own makeup, and since I almost never wear more than lip gloss I needed to get my head around powder/mascara/concealer/etc... It turned out pretty good.

These gifts were from FI-ance's boss. I loved the way they were wrapped and loved what was inside, dishwasher and microwave safe china!

I made this box for cards to use at the reception. I spray painted a shoebox gold, used a flower stamp with purple ink around the sides of the top and added chip board letters and fake purple mesh leaves. Look at citygirl! Gettin' all crafty and such!

We got some gifts prior to the wedding and after waiting a couple of days I just couldn't take not opening them anymore. Is it wrong that I love getting stuff? It is? I totally don't care.

You guessed it, this is us. By the way, it took some thinking but FI-ance is now HUBS. I tried calling him hubby, but it just sounded too precious and soccer mom-ish. HUBS is much better.

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SoMuchSugar said...

YAYyyy!!! Was thinking about you!! Congrats all over the place! You look SO beautiful, and you both look so happy, I am so happy for you!! I love that dress, oh my god.

:) :) :) You must be just walking on a cloud now.

(I remember the first week after I got back from getting married, it seemed that nothing like work or anything mattered or could bother me at all... I was on such a high!!)


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