Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happiness, Or Not

Wow. I've been away from the blogsphere for quite a long time. And really, I wish I could tell you guys that I've been doing lots of cool, interesting stuff. But, here's what I've been occupying my time with:

1) I've written one feature and am working on another for the website I'm doing freelance stuff for. My next deadline is Tuesday and as usual I'm terrified I'll suck out loud.

2) I finally got our wedding invites in the mail on Wednesday. I made them myself, had the little buggers printed at Kinko's, made my own stamps with my photos on them at, stamped them with gold flowers for ornamentation and mailed the lot of them. Since I apparently haven't had to count anything since, I don't know, college or something, I ordered too many stamps and printed too many invites. We cannot afford to waste all that moolah spent, so somebody's getting a postcard thank you note to use up the 27 cent postage. It was a bit of work getting the wording and general idea just right, but SO HUGELY FUCKING WORTH IT. We ended up saving about $1,000 by doing the invites at home and not paying for silly RSVP card postage. YAY!

3) I have been riotously sick for the past week. The worst of it was last Sunday. FI-ance and I went out to eat the Friday before. I was fine Saturday, but had the bulk of my previous night's dinner as leftovers that same day and, HOLY JESUS ON BUTTERED TOAST. Positively the worse case of food poisoning I've had since I was in college. I had to camp out in our loverly bathroom for a WHOLE TWO HOURS. I had to send FI-ance to the gas station down the street so the poor boy could pee (and get me some Sierra Mist to settle my achy stomach). My belly was sore for two days after the initial blast. FI-ance thinks one of those evil salmonella tomatoes got me, there was one on my sandwich. O.N.E.

Also giving me fits this week? I'm off my don't-be-crazy-and-sad meds. I decided to do my own detox when I lost my insurance and found out keeping myself in happy pills would cost $150 a month. Besides, I feel significantly less hopeless and lonely and crazy than when I started the dope. The thing about my particular drug is that you have to taper off, stopping suddenly gives you severe dizzy spells and headaches. Thank God I didn't have to do daily driving this week. I would wake up fine, eat a little lunch and promptly have to return to bed 'cause things were spinning and fading in and out and hurting like a muthabitch. Other than the invites I literally got zilch done this week. I'm still pretty tired and listless, but I feel more like a normal person now.

4) I went in for my yearly checkup on Monday and found out I have hit a new all-time high fucking weight: 254. I'm now in a race against my heart disease/diabetes/high blood pressure prone heritage to lose weight before something really horrible happens to me. I couldn't muster enough energy to exercise this week, but I had already started the yoga/walking/toning stuff again. I started drinking only water when we eat out. I leave food on my plate. And I even bought a book. Problem is, I feel like I'm getting fatter everyday.

5) My hair is still falling out. I've been doing a lot of careful hair-combing, looking at the loose strands and going, "Ah, well, dammit."

6) I don't know if this is going on where you are, but it's outrageously hot here. Do you remember what happens to me when it gets hot? That's right, y'all. I turn into the Supreme Grand Mega Bitch On Wheels In All The Land. Which land, you ask? Fucking all of them. To put this as mildly as possible, I fucking hate hot weather and I fucking hate having the sun on my skin during the summer. The room FI-ance and I get hitched in will probably have to be chilled to 40 degrees before I can re-solidify for the ceremony.

So, what has the internet been up to while I was away? Hmmmm?


SoMuchSugar said...

Oh you poor girl!! I had my first bout of terrible food-poisoning about a year go; I will never forget it. I hope it is OVER for you by now? UGH!!

I did the same thing with my meds. I wrote about it a few years ago, I am not sure if you know... I didn't do it for the money (though I would have, eventually, because that price is brutal enough!)

Now, I am no expert and I know it is different for everyone, but I have to say that I hope you will feel as good as I did after I finished with them...( Course I was over-prescribed & I went a bit crazy...)

(If you DON'T feel better, certainly take them back right away!! Nothing wrong with it.)

I wonder if they alter our brain chemistry enough that we only need to take them for just a short period of time, and then we can stop -- and feel better afterward? I have no idea.

AND: Don't worry about your weight, that is not a lot! Because you are doing all that stuff now - yoga & walking & water... You are going to feel GREAT if you do all those things, I promise, it is a scientific fact!!

:) have a good day

But otherwise, I am glad to be off. It seems like

Tilly said...

Oh my god, that's awful. My stomach aches for you. I'm in Toronto and have not touched a tomato for weeks. Weeks!

("The Happening" spoiler alert-- not that anyone is going to go see it:)
Maybe M. Night Shyamalan is onto something and the plants are trying to get rid of us all.

SoMuchSugar said...

Just wanted to say hello! Hope you're hanging in there with all the wedding-stuff... xoxox

citygirl said...

Hanging in...that is one phrase for it :)


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