Monday, January 07, 2013

Music Monday: That'll Do, Pig


I am on a roll, people! Friday I told you about my efforts to live a significantly more fulfilling life. I started this weekend by making my two lists, as I promised myself I would. It took some doing, but I think I've got the makings of some solid plans for this year. Here we go!

38 Life Things For 2013

1) See live roller derby
2) Visit a state fair
3) Visit a renaissance fest
4) Dress up and go out to a fancy restaurant
5) Leave some food on my plate at a restaurant
6) Jump on a trampoline
7) Get to know someone new
8) Dance at a club
9) Wear (p)leather that isn't on shoes or a purse
10) Eat alone at a nice restaurant
11) Cook 1 new dish a week
12) Read a book in one day
13) Photo walk twice a month
14) Try stilettos
15) Go to a Meetup
16) Take at least two road trips
17) Talk to random people when I run errands
18) Work away from home twice a week
19) See a pow-wow
20) See live music
21) Limit pre-5pm TV to two hours a day Mon-Fri
22) Practice reading faster
23) See a movie with PT
24) Spend 1 day monthly with nothing but music
25) Hang out on our deck
26) Make a souvenir collage and hang it
27) Take a class that's not online
28) Walk in Forest Park
29) Go to a music festival
30) Paint again
31) Learn a simple guitar song
32) Study Spanish again
33) Master winged eyeliner (or any eyeliner)
34) Ditch the "uniforms" and wear different clothes
35) Spend a work day writing
36) Dress up, go to a casino, blow $5
37) See a burlesque show
38) Watch a parade live

There! The idea with this list was to get me (and HUBS, too) out and about more. I'll keep you apprised of my progress (I worked away from home today and only watched two hours of TV!). Let's breathe a sigh of well-planned relief with some music!


Jon Jefferson said...

Getting out of the house more is such a great idea. The idea of working away from the house is one I should take for myself (even if it means writing in a notebook (gasp)).

MsJWoodard said...


I like your list and have several of the same things on my list. I goal for this year is to get out there and enjoy life more. My two boys are almost adults and I am preparing myself for when I will not have to spend my time mothering and can enjoy doing Jennifer.

I think that seeing a pow wow would be fun, hadn't thought about that one, but sounds great.

Tracey Nolan said...

Paint again?! The things we still have to learn about you, talented lady! Expansion, ho!

Citygirl said...

Jon: I write in notebooks all the time. It might sound odd in this very digital age, but I sort of feel more connected to what I write when I do it by hand.

MsJ: Yes! Getting out and doin' you! I wish you luck :)

Tracey: Oh, yeah. I was big into art as a kid. So much so that I went to an after school program for it. I love pretty much anything creative.

KWade said...

These are some great ideas, I especially like getting dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant and watch a parade live. These all seem like doable yet really fun experiences!

KWade said...

These are some great ideas! I especially like getting dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant and watching a live parade. I like that your list is doable but still full of really fun experiences.

Citygirl said...

KWade: Fun and doable is absolutely what I was going for. I'm looking to live a little this year (and from now on)!


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