Wednesday, January 09, 2013

38 Professional Things For 2013

I'm getting better at getting things done that matter, you guys. It's exciting and scary for me. It means that I'm finally moving forward with things that are important to me. But, it also means I'm getting closer to having to do things that, while important, will scare the shit out of me.

I spent about a half hour today adding the monthly and weekly duties I've given myself to the calendar on my phone. It's all planned out. Did you hear that? My days have plans now. And that, in and of itself, freaks my shit out a bit. I'm just gonna keep on rollin', though. Here's my list of professional goals I worked on over the weekend. Let me know what you think!

38 Professional Things For 2013

1) Make $ writing
2) Try a podcast
3) Write a book proposal
4) Send it out
5) Enter writing contests
6) Make honest work of my ideas
7) Write at least 1 hour daily
8) License photos online
9) Enter photo contests
10) Put profiles on professional sites
11) Send at least 4 queries monthly
12) Get my photos in a gallery
13) Write to authors whose books I enjoy
14) Shop at least 1 screenplay to agents
15) Blog at least 3 times weekly
16) Comment on other blogs 1 day weekly
17) Add posts to Pinterest
18) Revisit Flickr
19) Network at least 1 time monthly
20) Dress better in public
21) Go to a reading, talk to the author
22) Make sure all profiles/resumes are up to date
23) Send photos to PopCandy
24) Photoblog 3 times weekly
25) Submit blog photos to photo challenges
26) Keep up with film/screenwriting business 1 time weekly
27) Look into cat colony
28) Volunteer 2 times monthly
29) Take a film class
30) Check pro email daily
31) Keep up with freelance business info 1 time weekly
32) Make consulting calls/emails for 3 businesses weekly
33) Apply for 3 part-time jobs weekly
34) Ask John August a question
35) Add photoblog/blog posts to Twitter
36) Add posts to Blogaholic
37) Find a mentor
38) Take a writing class

I know. This combined with the personal list is a lot of stuff. I need this, though; to dive in the deep end and stop waiting for life to find me.

Tell me, what are your professional goals this year?


Tracey Nolan said...

AMAZING! Can't wait for your podcast. I need to create a daily schedule. Desperately. So badly. Ugh.

Citygirl said...

The trick now is sticking to it!

Cute new profile pic, by the by :)

Susan Cooper said...

WOW! I applaud you. I can't wait to see what writing contest you enter. Showcasing your photogrpahy would be the coolest thing ever. :-)

Ejeff Media said...


I always enjoy your blog and appreciate the reminder for organization. I learned a while back the importance of setting goals for the year. However, I tend to try just two or three items at maximum. This allows me to continue the tasks I already started previous years.

Scott said...

I like write at least 1 hour a day best. The best way to improve yourself is by doing things, right? This way you'll always be working on something.

Citygirl said...

Susan: Thanks. I've been thinking about getting my photos displayed for ages. It's time to work on getting that done!

Ejeff: Two or three a year sounds like a good idea for everyone who has, in fact, started things in previous years. I haven't, so I'm just trying to spur myself to activity by writing all the things I want to do down.

Scott: I haven't been able to get in the writing habit yet, but I'm working on it.

*sigh* Taking a breath, starting again...


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