Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday! It's OK

As you can see from my posts this week, I've got a shit-ton of stuff planned for this year. Mostly I did pretty well integrating new things in. I worked away from home twice this week, sent a blog query to an entertainment website, dressed better in public and got some preliminary research done on some of my other goals.

I did fall behind today, though, but that's OK, especially since I know why. I've got three things left on the last to-do list I made for this week. One thing I just keep forgetting to do, one thing that will be time consuming and one thing that scares the crap out of me. I'm going to resolve, right now, to take care of the scary thing right away Monday morning. It's going right after peeing and feeding the cats so I can't keep putting it off. Besides, if I get it done early I won't have to think about this particular duty for another week, so that'll be handy.

Now, let's look around online and see what interesting stuff we can find.

1) I've got a new addiction that's making it hard to get work done. Actress/comedian Aisha Tyler has a geeky podcast called girl on guy that is filling my bunny. She talks to various entertainment types about being in the business, motivating yourself and other things a lot of folks (including me) really need to hear.

2) You all seem like smart, capable people. I'm sure you know that using crystal meth is a bad idea. These photos show just how bad an idea that is. It's just pictures of faces, but the destruction is stunning.

3) Many of us enjoy the occasional cocktail. Alie & Georgia are funny ladies who wear cute clothes and show you how to make fun drinks at home.

4) Ever wait in line for what feels like an hour or more only to realize it's been 10 minutes? Here's why the wait seems soooooo looooooonnngggg.

5) Already wavering on your resolutions? These tips might help you make them stick.

That's all for me this Friday. I'm going to think over my week, enjoy the Golden Globes for once and catch up on my reading. Enjoy!

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