Friday, January 06, 2006


I can't find any good deals on the two phones I picked out on ebay! All the "buy it now" prices are over $100! Who do these fuckers think they are? Fuckin multi-media conglomerates?!?! Why do these damn things cost so much anyway? All I fuckin want is a new goddamned ass-fuckin cell phone so I don't look like I stepped outta a fuckin time warp when I pull that shit from my bag!! The harder it is to find one at a reasonable price the more I want one NOW!

Please go to the verizon store with me later tonight so I don't murder any innocent bystanders in my quest for a new technological implement with which to make wireless calls. I will try to have my attitude de-bitchified by then so as to not bitch-you-up unfairly.

*walking into de-bitchification chamber*


matt superfresh said...

verizon is too expensive. get sprint or t-mob.

citygirl said...

I like Verizon. It's all about pay-as-you-go, superfresh. Found myself a new phone and got that shit turned on last night. Luv it!


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