Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Lifetime Of Updates

The phone will not stop ringing at work and I feel like I'm going insane. Don't they realize I'm trying to think here!?

I finally picked up the screenplay again on Saturday. I had to ease myself into it, so:

I've sat down to write my script but felt this was the best way to start working again: a journal entry. Most of Saturday is gone. I woke up at 1:30pm, watched 2 movies with my boy and went back to sleep. I got up again an hour ago, 8:30pm. I'm a lazy-ass & terrorfied I'll never be able to finish this story. And if I never finish this story I fear I'll never be able to finish any other. That I'll never realize my full potential or accomplish anything. I've actually put pen to paper. Leaving the laptop at home feels less stressful. It's just me, two pens and a notebook. Here I go

I've now written everyday Monday through today, Thursday. I've been writing at work during the day. My boss would be pissed if he were here to see me. Ha! By the by, I'm really fucking proud of myself at this juncture.

I've decided to start a script consulting service. I'm not sure how much I'll charge or how I'll get the word out or if I'll set myself up legally as a real company. But this is something I need to do. I'm good at analyzing scripts and movies, and I am convinced this would be a good foot-in-the-door type job that I can have without leaving regular employment behind. Keep your fingers crossed!

I've been exercising and watching what I eat more. This means that everything hurts. Even my sternum. I knew I had gained weight, but to go to the doctor last week and hear my actual number was scary. Until now I was my heaviest in high school, but, you know, not anymore. This changes ASAP. No more Taco Bell runs at midnight because my boy suddenly got hungry. In fact, unless it's fruit or the occasional bowl of cereal, no eating after 10pm. That's my new rule. Well, one of many. 180 is my goal weight, I know that sounds huge to most people, but I'm kinda tall and naturally thick, so that should look pretty good on me. At least I won't outweigh my boyfriend anymore!

Does anyone know where to go for good deals on flights? I can't find anything under $350 for my trip to Vegas in June.

I really, really, REALLY want to go shopping. This is due to the fact that a) I'm running out of funds from my last paycheck, b) I need to have my breaks fixed, and c) I'm about to get paid again tomorrow. Lord, help me.

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