Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Enough Already!

I get it. Seriously, I really do. She's young and pretty. She can dance and sing and go on stage in next to nothing and still look fucking good. Her weave is fabulous and her makeup is always exquisite. Sometimes she wears kooky clothes, but she's theatrical; a full-service entertaining diva, so it works on her. Plus, she's got a new cd coming out, so yeah, there's lots of publicity to be done. Honestly, internet. I totally understand the fascination. But? But this, this and this is getting ridiculous. And this? Bullshit. Her boyfriend gave her a $1 million dollar car for her birthday. The least she could do is have the humility to only celebrate being born once. Not here, here and here. I have reached my saturation point.

God dammit, I'm cute too. I have scads of talent, and just because it's not of the singing/dancing/flouncing variety doesn't mean that I and my similarly gifted sisters should be ignored. And a skill she hasn't yet proven? Hat wearin'. I am all over the hat wearin'! Not to mention that I can get dressed without anybody helping me and come out looking just fine, I'll have you know.

Playa hater? Possibly. Happy now? Abso-freakin-lutely.


miss tracey nolan said...

You do look better in a hat than her. You do.

citygirl said...

I knew it! I've had years of practice Tracey. Miss Be can't beat that!!

Erika said...

Ha! You crack me up :)

citygirl said...

Thanks Erika! Unfortunately she's at it again. This time celebratin' all over Toronto. Dammit!


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