Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's Been One Of Those Weeks


We go to a super early showing of The Prestige. Two tickets only cost $8 and we had to get to the theater at 11:11am. I'm not even playing. There were only 3 people at the show. We sneak in cheapo breakfast goodies by way of my huge-ass purse. It's like I'm a kid again. Oh yeah, everyone needs to see this movie. It. Is amazing.

At the end of a lazy weekend the boy decides we should play frisbee inside his tiny apartment. With the top from a Rubbermaid container. I catch and return; the top bounces off the wall and hits him in the nose, skinning a significant portion of said appendage. The boy spends most of the week with a huge scab on his cute, nobby nose. As you might imagine I feel horrible for this, but blame him for it anyway. I mean, hey, he started it.

The boy leaves his debit card in the ATM. Dammit!


I went to work. This would soon change.

Also, the boy has an unquenchable desire to watch the copy of last week's Battlestar Gallactica (geek) he got his grubby little hands on. I protest but give in, and we watch BG at 11pm before heading back to my place. I'm sleepy. The boy will pay for this.


I get antsy for Christmas decorations and make plans to clean and get my holiday on. I have visions of me and the boy decorating my place as cookies bake and Christmas music plays. I decide we'll get this done before the end of the week.

I make cookies for tomorrow's potluck at work and pack up 1/2 of each batch. I'm proud that I manage to go to bed with only 2 cookies in my belly.


We have our potluck. This takes up a good two hours of actual work time. I simply adore sanctioned time wastage!

The boy and I have a talk. He wants to go out, but can't access his cash at this late hour since he left behind his ATM card on Sunday and is waiting on a new one. He asks if I can spot us. I get pissy and tell him so. He literally had ALL DAY to go to the bank and take money out. Instead he did lots of sleeping and video game playing(ok, he did have a job interview, too). Why is this so difficult sometimes?

He actually finds a drive-up teller open after 5pm and we speed over. We spend the night with dinner at House of Wong, drinks and my pool learnin' at Nick's in Dogtown. We're out late and have a lot of fun. This day turned out real nice.


Me and the boy walked to the park near my and played frisbee (for real this time) until well after dark. For some reason I got into it and worked my ass off. It's the one good workout I had all week.


The boy returns from another job interview (yay!) and drops the idea of another early movie. We see Stranger Than Fiction (get thee to a theater post haste, internet) with a purse full of Jack-n-the Box. Loverly afternoon.

I tell the boy I want us to decorate my apartment. I begin to clean and he dutifully LAYS DOWN ON THE COUCH AND GOES TO SLEEP. TOTALLY ON PURPOSE. Can you imagine, internet, that this gets on my nerves? I did not decorate. Instead I played Christmas music, straightened my place and made pizza (cheese, tomato, onion, lots of spices...*drool*).


We did our civic duty and recycled a ton of glass, paper, cans, etc. As usual, our reward for this is eating out. This time we went to Joe's Crab Shack and I did indeed spot us to the tune of $36. See why this is so difficult? It didn't even occur to me to care this time. And I didn't even realize the boy was going to return the favor for this one until we sat down. Maybe this is horrible, but only then did I decide to buy that appetizer.


I told myself that this weekend at the boy's place would be about working on my screenplay, creating a budget and other really useful things. Instead I'm watching football and writing my blog. Well, fuck. The day ain't over yet.


miss tracey nolan said...

I find the fact that you guys play frisbee really, really cute. There's no other word for it.

citygirl said...

That's us Tracey, too cute for words. His nose has finally healed, by the way. :)


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