Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I discovered something interesting about myself while engaged in the moving of my stuff this month. I sorta have a lot of maxi pads. Wait, not sorta a lot, but SO MANY THAT IF MENSTRUATION LASTED FROM CONCEPTION UNTIL DEATH NO WOMAN WOULD EVER USE THEM ALL.

I'm thinking about opening a store. Maybe I'll call it The House That Maxis Built. What about Maxi's Place? Maxiporium is a favorite, but I'm open to ideas. After all, the store would be for the greater good, you know.


miss tracey nolan said...

You do what I do! You buy a pack every month and then forget about it!

I like Maxi's place.

Do you take product donations?

citygirl said...

Oh God, Tracey. Let's wait until I get the store up and running before you pawn your excessive pads off on me!

anna said...

Is there every too many? I mean what if your'e somewhere trapped when the Aunt Comes to Town and you happened to (do what I do) which is squirrel away two or three acorns in every little crevice of every purse or bag you may own JUST IN CASE. Never too many, I say.

citygirl said...

I suppose the only time there are ever really too many pads is when you drop your purse. We know that 8 or 9 maxis will be the first things to fly out, right?


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