Tuesday, March 20, 2007

7:20AM Sucks

Well, it finally happened. After getting to work a half hour late for a few days I finally got spanked. I had to have a mid-point catch-up thingy with my supervisor last Friday, and was quite gently told to stop my being late bullshit. I really had been meaning to work on that, but you know what? I hate waking up early and hadn't gotten in trouble so I said fuck it. I knew it was crap, though, so I'm attempting to rectify my shit.

I got up before 8am yesterday and damned if it didn't screw me over. I got a headache, my eyeball started itching and then I felt sick to my stomach. And yes, I honestly do believe getting up early did all that to me.

It is now the same time that I started to fall apart yesterday. Wish me luck.


miss tracey nolan said...

Advice that you never asked for:

Next time you get a job, work a 10am start time into your contract. Best thing I ever did. You and I are the same in the AM. Surprised? I'm not!

citygirl said...

Tracey that's a perfect solution. Ideally I'll be able to work from home at some point in the near future so that if I wake up at noon it won't be anybody's bid'ness but my own.

And no, I'm not at all suprised we both hate to wake up early!


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