Monday, May 05, 2008

Coming Back From Baby Mama Last Week

FI-ance is wriggling in his passenger side seat as I drive. I notice that he's frolicking in his own nethers.

FI-ance: Sorry, sorry. My right ball's been bugging me all night.

Citygirl: What's it doing? Taunting you? Telling bad jokes?

FI-ance: Yeah, yeah...Cut it out. No, it just...moves.

Citygirl: You've been having a lot of trouble with your man bits lately. Are you wearing the right size underwear?

FI-ance: Well, yeah. They feel fine.

Citygirl: 'Cause you know, if I'm wearing the right size bra my boobies don't just go all over the place. They sorta stay where I put 'em.

FI-ance: You women have no idea, do you?

Citygirl: We sure as hell don't.

Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures


SoMuchSugar said...

Hmmm... sounds like a good niche-market, don't you think -- a 'ball-bra'?

OH wait, is that the same thing as a jock-strap? Ok, I'm with you -- I have no idea.

(But it's nice your FI-ance just says it outright. My hubby uses weird terms, like "the groceries needed re-packaging" or something like that. Ugh! I'm glad I DON'T know.)

miss tracey nolan said...

Jerry, George Costanza: Elaine!

Jerry: Do women know about shrinkage?

Elaine: What do you mean like laundry?

Jerry: No, like when a man goes swimming afterwards.

Elaine: It shrinks?

Jerry: Like a frightened turtle!

Elaine: Why does it shrink?

George Costanza: It just does.

Elaine: I don't know how you guys walk around with those things.

citygirl said...

"the groceries needed re-packaging"?

That is priceless.


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