Thursday, October 29, 2009


Dammit, October! Stop raining all the time, already. It's depressing. And makes my basement wet. And makes it hard to drive to my job interview in Belleville, IL. A place I know nothing about other that it's a half hour drive into another state. Yeah, October, it was real sweet how you didn't even start raining today until I left the house for my interview. Nice work, October!



SoMuchSugar said...

Can't wait to hear about your interview! I bet you did GREAT!

citygirl said...

It went ok, I think. It was odd because the guy didn't ask me any of those stock interview questions.

He asked how I got all my freelance jobs and about one accomplishement I put on my resume and that was it. Then he had me do a sample ad for a product he gave me a photo of. That's it.

They're interviewing more people this week and then they'll call about 10 back for a second interview where you meet more team members. I think this would probably be more of a real interview.

So, I'm waiting. Wish me luck!

Miss Tracey Nolan said...

LUCK!!!! I'm so excited for you. Despite everything that you've been dealing with you keep putting yourself out there and soon you'll get the job you deserve, I just feel it! Keep us posted!

citygirl said...

Looks like I didn't get that one; that was two weeks ago and I haven't been called back for a 2nd interview. Oh, well. Here's to doing it all over again...


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