Thursday, May 19, 2011

Again With My Imagination

The mind is king. Or, to be more accurate, my mind is king. In my tiny corner of the world, at least. I may be a partially employed freelance writer/photographer in reality, but my imagination has other ideas. In my mind, I do everything.

I write and produce and star in awesome movies that everyone loves. I create cool TV shows. I offer sage and heavily sought after advice. I give good blog and make money doing it. I photograph things people want on their walls. I'm (at least) bilingual. I can keep my home photogenic but still livable and cook nightly and save gobs of money and travel wildly and splurge on $200 purses once in a while and still pay all our bills on time.

And? And I never gave up all those instruments I used to play. And? And maybe I sing a bit. And? Ok! You got me! Maybe in my head I have yet another life as a glamorous lead singer in a cooler than shit band. Just maybe.

I love naming things. And as such, I've been coming up with band names for years, but never wrote them down until this month. So, just in case I'm ever in a cool band, here are some things we could name ourselves. (Depending, of course, on the nature of the cool-ass music we performed.)

Band Up!

1) Improbable Band Project
2) Dirty Knickers
3) Knuckle Fuck
4) Now & Noon
5) Bum Puppet
6) Sunset Dolls
7) Panty Melt
8) Midget Finger
9) Lesbian Centers of Commerce
10) Rare Bullshit Philosophy

Oh, I've got more, mind you. But, I don't want to give everything away in one shot.

What would you name your awesome-cool band?


SoMuchSugar said...

I love those names! Give us some more!

I am the same, I have a highly imaginative life where I am rich and famous, smart and bi-lingual, a philanthropist, a movie start, a novelist... oh the list goes on!

hope you are having good weekend.

Miss Tracey Nolan said...

Bum Puppet, FTW! I have a few of these that I've been holding onto for quiet a while.

1) The Myoclonic Jerks
2) Illiterate Faggot (courtesy Jerry Lewis)
3) Barbara Bush's Fetus Jar

These would work for sketch and improv troupes as well : )

citygirl said...

Sugar: Bi-lingual! I forgot that one. Isn't an active imagination fun?

Tracey: Barbara Bush's Fetus Jar, FTW!


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