Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Philly To The Beach

July 5th was an interesting day. Seeing as how we got the news about Luanne that day as we were driving to Cape May, NJ to do some prime beaching, I thought I'd spend the entire day crying.

Actually, I thought the trip was pretty much over for me. I didn't think I'd be able to enjoy anything for the rest of the week and I was sure I'd be bursting into tears constantly. Luckily, while I was plenty sad and did cry randomly quite a bit, there is something to be said for non-stop activity when you're blue.

HUBS right before we hit the beach.

Cape May is a gorgeous little town. Seeing as how tourism is huge for them, the houses are no joke. Maybe there's a trailer park or ghetto hidden somewhere far away from the beach, but everything we saw was huge, awesome and very well-maintained.

HUBS and I ate at a little seafood place (The Sea Shanty) right across from the beach in a quaint little shopping plaza. The food was plentiful and amazing. I was able to finish my lobster roll, but we both had fries left over and HUBS couldn't finish his clams.

We didn't bring the cooler with us, so we made the decision to hide the fries under a pillow in the back seat for taking back to the hotel (they were fine the next night after some refrigeration). We also made what might be a controversial decision regarding the clams. We wanted someone to be able to enjoy them, so we dumped them on the sand near the walkway that led to the beach. And you know what? Within a couple of hours a gull flew over head with what looked to be a beak full of fried clam strips. That made me feel awesome, you guys!

Also helping my mood that day: the nice lady who was coming out of a nearby shop as we ate, heard me sneeze and said "Bless you." I needed that. I needed the kindness of strangers on Tuesday, July 5th. Special thanks to you, I hope you had a splendid vacation!

A random beach couple. I like to think that their names are Harvey and Sal and that they've been married for 35 years. Free time does wonders for the imagination.

We did some souvenir buying and then hit the sand. You need to buy a day pass, which I believe was $5 each, but it was plenty worth it. I was able to clear my head to the sound of ocean waves, HUBS was able to swim like a maniac, we got some good rocks and shells off the beach and we even saw a couple schools of dolphins before we left hours later.

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